Games for the soon-to-come Xbox Scarlett

Coming Soon, the Xbox Scarlett – E3 2019

The Xbox Scarlett

Sony hasn’t done a bunch of bastards this year. It’s the time for Microsoft to return to glory. They open their next host, Xbox Scarlett. The first game will have “Last World War: Unlimited.” Now, let’s take a look at The Last Battle. : Unlimited” play clips (no picture at all) We have to look at 120 frames per second to the north, 120 frames per second?

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Electricity Rebel 2077

Then there are 10 video games running at the same time, you must buy a new Xbox Scarlett, you must buy… “Electricity Rebel 2077” “Electricity Rebel 2077” “Electricity Rebel” How do they get to the “Desert Hero” guy’s “Electricity Rebel” is the most attractive “game world”, the environment is dense and Filled with a lot of fantasy little details, many small stories are used in the show, instead of the problem that is said, “The Wilderness” has killed all the open world games. They are a bit outdated. I play “Blood Kill” and “Spiderman”. “It’s very happy, but they have not benefited from the open world.

This will be the biggest obstacle to the “Electricity Rebel”.

Star Wars

Find out the meaning of doing this from the formula. “Song! We are in the “The Afternoon” 76》 Added a big escape mode! “Yes!” Who is the applause? “Destroyer: Eternal” This is worth talking about… We are serious about watching this devastating person… Hanging on the climbing frame, he has a flash burst. He has a special emphasis on the fluency and unique excitement of Doom, but not for casual players (leisure mode). This year, E3 created a historical EA and announced an interesting game, Star Wars. : Jedi Fall” “Please, pick it up, they are doing Star Wars!” (啪啪啪啪啪啪啪啪) “It’s Star Wars” (啪) The affected ingredients are high, but not necessarily bad.

Grab the Imperial Storm Brigade and take him to stop the laser… Oh, fucking with that R2D2… You can throw the lightsaber to the enemy… It looks fun, this won’t be the next “God of War”, but it might be better than “Star Wars: Happy Holidays” is good… Hope” “But I want to point out that in Twitch’s chat room,” “Gwyn96 said:” “This game is a bad chicken.” “呃 ………” “The battle system Like a poop “Thank you, PD-01”

Upcoming games

Take a look at these upcoming things “Blazing Chrome” “Cyber ​​Shadow” “Shovel Knight: King of Cards” “Eagle Island” “Decision Time” “Maliou Creator 2” “Interstellar Chain” Lock” “The Outside Valley” (“In The Valley of Gods”)”Egyptian Games” “Oli 2” “The Ghost of the Horse” “The Last Survivor 2” “Watchdog: Auntie”

This… These three? Apparently in the “Watchdog 3″ you can control any NPC containing this嬷 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 噱 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷 嬷Can be a shark’s GTA” “Void Knight 2” by – North – Are you looking at what I am watching? If you like the class of the Milky Way Warrior City, then you will love “Void Knight” complete high game As with “Destroyer: Eternal”, since you have such a powerful system, you only need to extend more FF.Reproduction This game will make people who like FF7 understand how difficult the story of this game is. This is basically the chaos of the whole series of “Kingdom of the Heart”.

Death Stranded

It’s great to put it all in one game, and the orchestral accompaniment is amazing, but there are two kinds of results, or the kind of complicated story we have to face, “Death Stranded” is coming out this year. The sale is so close, but it’s still a little bit of a solution. The island describes this game as a link through the United States. The communities that are separated from each other can reconnect. I definitely have this setting. I just don’t understand how to make the game. The guy has a big ladder, then he swears, then sometimes he has to sneak a bunch of ghosts… He has a super-avant-garde theme, and there is a character called Die-Hardman.

I can’t wait to see if this game is three.洨 “Cradel 2” Oh, my god is coming back to Tim. Shepherd Erik Wolpaw, two of the most powerful screenwriters in the game industry, with Double Fine. Occasionally updating the film to track development for a while, it seems that “Cradel 2” is finally completed and I sincerely hope that he will become the eternal classic of the game industry like the first one. “He is more epic than Star Wars,” “Competition is more extreme than the battlefield,” “Competition is more than American football,” “International Football League,” “Apex heroes add up more.”

Animal Friends and Yiji Castle

“Yes!” “Animal Friends” Leah is looking forward to this because… she I found that you can put the land publicly personally… I am looking forward to the Yiji Castle 3 “Horror ~ Nintendo finally listened to the fans, let us play sticky Yiji now just let us play Ghost Yiji is just… It’s the ghost Luigi’s “Salda Dream Island” re-made looks very fun… Hey… Abang! They put Abang – he puts the state – the state – the 齁 – 齁 – these three… 洨? These three 洨 These three are Abang! Abba, they let go, they did it, they put Abang Aka… They let it go! They put it hahaha, oh yes, then they are doing another Salda, just casual.