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Basketball camp is next weekend. You got amazing potential on the court and Ican help you get there. That’s not what I want dad. You never let me do what I want to, do you. Never let me just do me: hold up wrong floor. Fat Will Smith. I got […] We’ll start with one of the most recent and shocking discoveries of 2020. Perhaps our solar system has life beyond earth. This is Venus, the second planet from the sun and the sister of our home planet. It’s called so because it has a similar size and mass, but […] hey what's up guys it's more cypher pk today i'm talking about the new chests that are in fortnite there is a very special chest not the legendary chest there is a new type of chest that spawns in certain locations and there's a one in four chance of […] ladies and gentlemen we're back with another video today we're gonna be playing some creative because it's a special occasion why is this such a special occasion well fortnite actually reached out and apparently uh banned wagers okay it's against uh tos i guess in epic games terms epic […]