hey what's up guys it's more cypher pk today i'm talking about the new chests that are in fortnite there is a very special chest not the legendary chest there is a new type of chest that spawns in certain locations and there's a one in four chance of […] ladies and gentlemen we're back with another video today we're gonna be playing some creative because it's a special occasion why is this such a special occasion well fortnite actually reached out and apparently uh banned wagers okay it's against uh tos i guess in epic games terms epic […] Yes guys what’s going on, we’ve got something new coming for you here and a kickoff. It’s called the kickoff versus totally free and you could win a bag of sand. I’m. Of course, talking about 1 000 pounds head over to the kickoff versus dot com, we will […] More recently, i did have a hate account on instagram. They um like told me, to kill myself and told me that i like was ugly and i looked like a clown, but then i realized they’re. Only making fun of me because i’m, giving them attention about it: […] When my sister janelle gets angry, she becomes enraged and hateful she’s called me, a fat poor. She’s, told me to go: kill myself, it’s hurtful shut up Mackenzie. This is none of your business.  Janelle had a flip out. Janelle did punch me that night and tried to […] Welcome back to tech radar, i’m matt phillips and it’s hard to believe that christmas is almost here. This insane year is drawing to a close, but there’s still time to get some festive cheering you and, of course, some presents with money tighter than ever bagging. The perfect […]

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FORTNITE NEW PLAYSTATION PLUS EVENT PACK! In this video I demonstrate how to get the New PlayStation Plus Event Load in Fortnite Fight Royale. This video shows you how to open the Fortnite PS Plus Pa Related Video Posts McQueen City Car Parking & Driving Simulator 2021 – Android Gameplay […]