How To Start EVERY Game With A GOLD RPG! – Fortnite Season 6

hey what's up guys it's more cypher pk today i'm talking about the new chests that are in fortnite there is a very special chest not the legendary chest there is a new type of chest that spawns in certain locations and there's a one in four chance of getting a rocket launcher i believe this is the only way in the game to get a rocket launcher unless you purchase it from an npc who's selling one there is a guy who sells one like up here for example i'll show you how the chest looks and this one's like a secret location not a lot of people know about this one so matter of fact i might not even know about this one because i'm looking a little bit lost right now no there it is there's a little little mud on the ground that you can see in this location you just hit this until the chest is revealed this is how the chest looks open it up rocket launcher like i said it's a one in four chance of getting an rpg so the fact that i got one is pretty cool go get him i crack them if that means anything dead nice i'm pressing this group all right he's going back down some of the guys got him there is another guy he's rebooting right behind you but uh he can't stop it yeah you gotta question him he's definitely hiding in a bush shake him down wait huh he was trying to get him ziplining update he hit me for like 80 and he's not kidding me so he got me like something i said he's looking for you zipline yeah it's good like ziplining for fifty white or fifty blue i bought them in my guy for me attract them whoa you rats you rat bro who plays like that like you've got to be like a straight up rat to play like that bro what did he do i'm like just i'm building and like he's building and all this all of a sudden like i hit him for 80. crack his armor and then he just pulls out his scar and just starts spraying like like and he hit everything like through my builds i don't even know i'm trying to trade i'll use that i don't know i'll use that i i dropped the cigar there's a car this is hard like i'm gonna eat yeah the ones underneath and once above you can just like build towards me nice 130.
another car pulled out another car pulled up crack the other car no there's two of them on me bro damn man i hit that guy with a good ass gun he just picked it up oh nice yeah flopper yep wait he left the gun that guy's stupid i mean i guess they do have purple pumps they're stacked those other guys yeah it's not for everyone some people don't know how to play with it if he's unpleasant at this point in the game you should just be able to reboot and if he comes just rolls oh i dropped something bro it's not gonna work nice i didn't drop you the shotty bro you have to build up um all you need bro that's all you need watch them god my gun didn't shoot for the first second attack box him 189 let's go demon pk [Music] grantham did you crack this guy yeah it's nice something gold in here oh it's an rpg i don't even get rpgs this season oh from the big chest oh okay the the special chest yeah i know you're coming yeah there's special ones that's like a one in four chance of getting rpg kind of crazy really consider that that seems like uh crazy because i barely see rpgs i guess people are not landing on them or those chests are like not i'm about to rpg the crap out of these guys bro 100 an rpg him down yeah he already got burned down good shot from the side i gotta go down and get my kill probably he's really just going to keep on shooting i literally hit him for like 150 and he's just going to keep on shooting carry me harder pk i got you he's the guy from the box he might not be good i don't know about it either there's a piece of meat on my body for white house but med kit they're fighting right now you got this bro i should have been dead there kind of want to just beam him but from this range this thing is not going to beam it ain't going to do it does the guy up top the solo or what's going on here um i'll just go to zone and wait because you can definitely see once they rotate like who to focus i think he's a solo bro yeah those guys low ground the duo must suck then if they're not keying that yeah yeah it's a duo that's nice you're fighting you should maybe ramp up and look at that good tags damn this must suck for him bro yeah it's just he tried to suck he could if he hit me [Music] there

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