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hey guys okay today I can be doing a draw my life video so I was born on August 11th 1993 so that makes me 19 years old and there's me as like a little sushi baby and I am an only child so there are my cute little parents and we lived in the same house I still live in the same house and it is pretty much a little doll house if any of my friends you know it actually is a doll I was pretty much and I was born normal-sized but I ended up being extremely fat my parents called me Buddha baby so on the Left we have a normal-sized baby and there's me thinking about food on the right because I love food my first word was actually pizza so next step in my life was to go to school and it's me being sad but I don't think I actually was sad about it I'm not really sure so my first year in kindergarten my parents actually enrolled me in a private schools there's me a little bit skinnier but still a little fat and in the school we did it really intense stuff like learn French so there are some like basic French words that we learned and I learned how to write in cursive this is in kindergarten this is a really intense but after that one year I don't remember why my parents decided to enroll me in a normal public school from grades 1 to 6 and I'm sorry for the really really preliminary drawings but there is 1 to 6 and there's me with my little backpack however elementary school being a really good time for Meeks I was one of the more athletic kids so I was involved in a lot of sports so there's a really bad soccer ball and a failed attempt of the basketball and here comes a really bad baseball bat and I also stood out in running cross country and track so that was kind of like my passion in elementary school and kind of what I stood out for at school and here comes a really fill attempt at a volleyball net and ball and I played on all the teams and there's me being sad because I wasn't actually good at volleyball but I played on the team anyway and so I guess this made me kind of cool because in elementary school being good at sports pretty much meant that you were cool so grade six rolled around and here's me where adjust but I was actually a huge tomboy so I probably should have drawn myself in shorts and a t-shirt but in grade six grad I actually won the French award and the female athlete award so that was pretty cool but of course great sex had to come to an end and because my school only went up to grade six we had a middle school that was really only grade seven and eight so I had to make my way over to the school and here's me literally sitting on the arrow to go to grade seven and eight and again here we go fixing my actual what I looked like from a dress to soccer shorts and a t-shirt because that was what I wore pretty much every single day and in grade seven eight I actually did a program called French immersion where you take all of your classes in French so it was a good learning experience but to be honest right now my French pretty much sucks but once grade seven rolled around I actually met my best friend who is still my best friend today her name is Haley and here's her address and here's me in soccer shorts again and there's a saying want to be my BFF and because we were both in our grade seven prime weirdness we got along really really well and like I said before me and Haley are still best friends today I don't zero as much as I would like to but we do live in the same city which is nice after high school Bulls moved to Toronto sorry to expose your location Haley and to this day we're still pretty much just as weird as we were in grade seven together and that's why we're best friends so going back to grade seven and eight once those years were done at my middle school and there's me my French mustache because I'm in French immersion and my soccer shorts that were a daily thing I actually won valedictorian for the French immersion program so here's me in my disgustingly ugly grad dress and there's me being really really scared to do my speech that had to do it in front of a ton of people and I hate public speaking so there's me speech blah blah blah motivational words blah blah blah and this was actually a terrifying moment in my life but it's something that I'll definitely never forget and even though it was still grade eight I mean I was really really proud about it so after grade seven and eight we moved on to high school and it was actually really comforting because all of the Frenchy's which is what we were called in middle school we all went to the same high school to continue on the French immersion program so that was really comforting knowing that I would already know people in high school and there's me saying what's shopping because I still had terrible style so at this point I still lived in my super cute little doll house and I still live in it today so there are my parents staying next to the house and my dad decided to grow his mustache into a goatee definitely a good choice Greg and there's my mom with her super voluptuous hair which is always like that and there's me with my little ponytail and at this point of my life I had amazing opportunities to travel with my parents because they actually like somewhat liked me and brought me on that friendly vacation and that is not a dolphin and I was a really terrible plane I'm really sorry about that so I've been extremely blessed and where I've been able to travel to and that is the Eiffel Tower and a really really bad London Eye and here comes an even worse version of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco that was definitely my favorite trip but my parents have blessed me for sure and where I've been able to travel to and we've been to a lot of like warm places like there's a sombrero from Mexico so thank you for that parental unit if you are watching so moving on to high school I don't know why we went to go 3d high school instead of the 2d but anyway here is my high school and here is me with kind of like my core group of best friends in high school who pretty much did this throughout the four years and it was a pretty good group there's a really really bad thumbs up and of course we went through a ton of high school drama like any group of friends in high school does but we always ended up alive and okay after all these fights but in high school I wasn't really the athletic kid that I was in elementary or even in middle school but I did coxy rowing cruise for two years in grade 9 and 10 so there's me being like rebel bitches and I guess I kind of got lazy exciting the coffee really doesn't do anything but sit in the boat and although I did do the workouts with them I'm just really content sitting in the boat steering it so here comes high school and this is my guidance counselor with crazy crazy hair and she was like what do you want to do the rest of your life and mind you this was in grade 11 I still did I didn't even know what I liked I had like no passions or anything so I was really really scared by this and I was like oh my god I do not know what I want to do so my mom ended up making me take all the hard math and all the hard sciences so I took chem and bio and functions and data and all that stuff Kate data was that hard but I still take all open there's a pig that I had a dissected file and there's me being really disgusted by the whole thing so at this point in my life I had to start thinking about university and what I wanted to do with my life and this was actually seriously terrify as you can see my really really straight milk I don't really know what's going on there but I had to think about University and I did not know what I wanted to do and also this is my high school boyfriend who was really nice but we really didn't have that much in common and we broke up but not long after that I met Sebastian I wasn't even planning to date anyone before I left for university because I knew that I was gonna be leaving the city and I stayed with a little snack bag so after our first date which is a really really long first date like 12 hours slowly ridiculous we were inseparable and there's me being like what can i name is dad that's really weird so anyway we fell in love and we are still dating today which is amazing and I hold boyfriend thing was in grade 12 sorry I forgot to mention that so here is me packing up our big truck and moving to Toronto from my hometown to go to university and this was absolutely terrifying and my university was really not that close it's about an hour and a half away so it was really not that literal and there's a really really bad CN Tower I'm so sorry for that and here's maybe like oh my god a buddy diversity what the hell is going on and I ended up choosing kind of like my safety program I knew had good job state and it's called graphic communications management I have a video that goes more into detail about that if you are wondering but basically I hated it and in first semester I was always like long queue come get me the Sox university sucks and I lived in residence with a group of amazing girls and they were all so nice and I'm still in contact with them today in second year but I always just felt like I didn't quite fit in and I was happy but I just I just didn't quite fit in so I actually spent a lot of time being depressed and first year because I hated my program I just felt different and I was learning about printing and I was really weird I didn't expect that so there is a CMYK we just used for printing and I'm like what the hell is going on I wanted to do art and this is not art so I was really upset and I was not happy at all at first year so this is what inspired me to start a website so I did a lot of reaches before I started it and learned how to host a website and how to set one up and all that stuff and that is how desire inspire was born and that is a really sad computer sushi baby as it was born so I really just started off my website with DIY tutorials with pictures and just like big descriptions on how to do stuff and I love doing it I really did it was a great start to has become what I do now but I then realized that oh my god I should just video what I'm doing because people would so much rather probably see it happen in an interactive type of way then look at pictures so I got myself in front of my camera and there's me saying really really really really really because I know that I have a really bad habit of that and that is how my youtube was born so I posted my first video and I called myself Lorde DIY again I have no idea where that came from and everyone was so nice to me I got amazing feedback and it was really really nice so that's what pretty much got me through the second semester of first year and so back to today at present time I had a new apartment this year because we can only stay in student residence for one year and I have pretty much finished my second year and in second year this is when me and my closest Cooper friends got really really tight and these friends are going to be lifelong friends that I think that I will always be in contact with no matter what and these are the people that honestly have got me to the program because without them I think I probably would have dropped out so there's bad female he's not my program this is me being really happy with all my friends and I also still have all my amazing friends from home from my core group from high school and also other people who I met in high school who are still great friends today and there's uni and I'm saying you suck uni because you actually still do so and for those of you who are wondering and asking why just didn't drop it when I didn't like the program it's because there are opportunities at the end of this program that I may like and make it into like magazine editing stuff like that and there is me saying what I was man to the degree that I am going to get so basically just to summarize everything that's going on right now in my life is that I'm really happy and University yeah like it still sucks but I mean I'm almost done well halfway done I guess but there's a big thumbs down for university because it's not what I thought it would be and I have YouTube which is amazing it's an amazing creative outlet for me and there's my really close group of friends who have been so supportive in the past year especially with what I've been doing so thank you guys for that I love you so much and here are my super cute parents my mom with her voluptuous hair and my dad with his goatee and to this day we're still a really closely knit family which is awesome and overall I'm just really really happy with where I'm at right now and as for the future I have no idea what it holds for me and there's a really questionable mouth being like oh my god what is going on so anywhere here is my questionable future cuz I don't know what's going to happen I don't know what's gonna happen with YouTube could be something possibly that will carry on throughout my entire life or I could end up working a really poopy desk job from out of my program or I could end up working at an amazing magazine like nylon or something like that who knows but all in all I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me because this year has been honestly so amazing and that's honestly a lot because of YouTube and it means the world to me and has definitely changed me for the better so thank you again to all my friends and family and of course you guys who have made YouTube an amazing place for me and I just wanted to say thank you