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Published On: Mon, May 22nd, 2017

Veeps Timothy Simons on Being the Most Insulted Man on TV

With the exception of perhaps Donald Trump, no person on television is at the receiving end of more insults than Timothy Simons.

For six seasons now, Simons has played the unrivaled egotist Jonah Ryan on Veep, the almost endearingly lecherous former hanger-on who has somehow failed upward to be Americas most unlikely congressman. (Or maybe, in one of Veeps more vicious indictments of American politics, the most likely.)

The Jonah burns have evolved into a bit of a phenom among fans, who curate lists and create mash-up videos celebrating the most vicious of them. And as such, Simons, even though hes certainly aware of the line between actor and character he plays, has found himself on the receiving end of being called:

Jolly Green Jizzface, Frankensteins monster, if his monster was made entirely of dead dicks, an unstable piece of human scaffolding, the guy with the police sketch face of a rapist, anda personal favoritea seven-foot-seven goony-looking Lithuanian whos going to drop dead of Marfan syndrome.

Its only every once in a while, Simons says, that one of these insults will hit at one of his real-life insecurities and bruise his ego.

I remember there was one about my hips, he laughs, recovering from a battle with a Heinz ketchup bottle over lunch last week in New York City.

You just looked down! he screams, noticing our instinctive glance down. I was a really fucking weird looking middle schooler. Not that Im saying Im not weird looking now, but I was a weird looking middle schooler. It was like I was put together with parts of different bodies all sewn together. I would outgrow clothes immediately.

His parents accommodated by buying him different styles of jeans, but one pair that accentuated a kind of hippyness looked too much like womens jeans for Simons to escape the brutal wrath of pre-teens.

Its a thing Ive carried with me my entire life, he says. Once they came in with a line about weird hips, its the one that hit the middle school button. Oh, Im a grown man with my own family and Im still dealing with the ramifications of those jokes.

Dont be confused, though. Simons relishes the Jonah burns, generally speaking. Over the course of an hour-long conversation, he even proved rather adept at roasting himself. (When the beard came off and I had a shaved head, I just looked like a six-foot-five penis, he says, recalling his initial reaction to the bald look he had to adopt to play Jonahs cancer storyline at the beginning of this season.)

The 38-year-old actor broke out in the comedy world when he was cast on Veep in 2012 despite having few major credits to his name outside of playing Abraham Lincoln in a Geico commercial.

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Veeps Timothy Simons on Being the Most Insulted Man on TV