Show HN: Maildown (markdown email campaigns) – beta program finished

Neat! I like Markdown.

Out of curiosity, have you tackled email deliverability yet? If so, may I ask if you have any recommended reading sources. I recently found myself interested in the topic.

So the value prop is markdown. Besides that, you have to compete equally with Mailchimp, etc which is impossible. Why not offer your markdown parsing as a service layer on top of existing providers’ APIs?

Looks like you’re using undraw svgs with the default color. You can change the color by clicking the color button in the upper right corner of the undraw site.

I’d add some examples of emails that look good that are done in Markdown. Starter templates would be really helpful.

I’d change the limit from X emails/day to X/month. Who sends mass email every day?

I can’t tell what the pricing would be for a much larger number of emails without signing up. Do it the way Mailchimp does — put your pricing slider outside the signup.

Thanks, have been meaning to add a pricing page, as well as a tutorial video, to the landing page.

Your feedback on monthly vs daily is also interesting. Will consider that – ultimately it you exceed your daily limit There is no hard fail, it just gets retried later describes your model, 7 pound for 1000 emails. However, it’s hard to find.

I also miss a lot of information. How do you prevent ending up in spam boxes? Which templates to choose from? What can be configured, what not? Etc.

Also interesting insights / developer journeys like how easy Chargebee is for you as developer, etc. would give me some incentive to try it out. Just my two cents!

PS: 3 days ago it was a MVP and probably buggy. Maybe tell that to your customers as well. 😉

Thanks, appreciate there is still some work to be done on the user onboarding process.

In terms of spam protection, an unsubscribe link is added to all sent emails, to make it harder to spam people. Once unsubscribed, it’s impossible to send any more mail to a user.

There’s a templates gallery in the app – I’m planning to add a carousel to the landing page to show the possible email themes there

Signup doesn’t allow ‘+’ in the email address, which is sometimes used in Gmail email addresses.

Edit: Plus `## Creating contact lists` in the docs doesn’t seem to have rendered properly.

Interesting concept, not sure it’d meet our needs but I’d like to try a send.

I couldn’t verify my email, or find any contact info though…

So when you first sign up, you should get an email (via AWS) with a link to verify your email. If you don’t receive this, you can trigger the email again from the Email addresses section (in the apps navbar).

There’s a quick start guide in the docs ( which guides you through the process of creating and sending your first email – probably worth a look.

Eventually I’d like to add an in-app tutorial which shows the buttons to click to get you started. As I’ve mentioned in another reply, I know the learning process is still not yet obvious

I got the link. It just took me to the marketing site. The “Check status” thing worked, just clunky.

Including some of the docs inline in the editor would be very useful… wouldn’t have seen the templates (including recipient name etc) otherwise.

I lost my edits because I assumed they’d be saved (save button was below the fold..)

I like the style of the dashboard.


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