The Dark Side of Football Social Media

Yes guys what’s going on, we’ve got something new coming for you here and a kickoff. It’s called the kickoff versus totally free and you could win a bag of sand. I’m. Of course, talking about 1 000 pounds head over to the kickoff versus dot com, we will ask you some questions regarding this weekend’s, game, see who answers the most questions right and you could be winning a share of a thousand pounds.

Did i mention it’s free to enter, please remember terms and conditions obviously apply. All you have to be is over 18, make sure you play responsibly, read the t’s and c’s and be careful because i’m involved.

I’ll, see you on the game. [ Music ] watch the kickoff for free live every single weekend only on twitch. The link is in the description below [ Music ]. No, the reason why i i thought incorrectly that i was the expert on twitter insults, considering how many i’ve.

Read this week, but it turns out it wasn’t because i wasn’t called a. Can we talk about that actually um, because we ‘ Ve all been there as as football content creators, and this was bad you you speak from the heart and you don’t.

You don’t sit on the fence, which i love about you by the way. But um, you came out. Frank lampard, you’re. You [, __ ] me. He’s like you’re alan shearer. You know i get it. He’s been sacked. It’s, [ __ ] gotten for you, and you show your support and say i’m outraged.

What happened then? So i i mentioned a couple of things that i think are wrong with the with the situation and i think something has gone wrong in society, but certainly in the football communities where you can’t really disagree.

You can’t properly. Disagree with people without, firstly, hating them, and secondly, like i, don’t understand why we can ‘ T just disagree, but still be friends like like all like all of us around the table have had disagreements, but we’re.

Still, friends, obviously what scene? I would love to read a youtube comment with a goal. I disagree with you, brian, but we’re still friends. Well, i would be fine with that. Do you know that’s? Lovely? I think what what happened on this? What happened on the path say: 48 72 hours it went from.

You know that line that imaginary line that you assume people won’t cross. I think there’s, a line where it’s not affecting you personally or me personally, where it’s. Just the heat is ridiculous. Yeah it did, it did get it did get to that and off the back of so my fairly strong views on abramovic and fairly, certainly minority among chelsea fans.

It’s gone mad, it’s gone like it’s. Come man, you know what you just think: yeah yeah again yeah there’s times where we’re, very fortunate to be in the position. We are to talk on the camera and have people watch us [, __ ] hell.

I mean we’re lucky as [ __ ], but the highs that you feel of how great it is to get up and talk about your the passion that you have about your hobby and the fact that you can make a career. That is so good, but the laws are when everyone turns and i’ve, i mean [ __ ] me there’s been days i felt like i just want to drink whiskey all day.

You know what i realized when the negativity comes out. Oh my god, and there’s. People go. Oh, we’ll. Just do this or we’ll. Just do that. No, when you’re, getting told by thousands of people how much you know they they, you can be as strong as you like.

It penetrates it. It actually does get through totally. You’ve had a hard time this week, haven’t. You because i mean i think everyone on the show at some point this week. I know, and i actually say this is more of an endorsement of you than the opposite.

I received a lot of messages this week after you did your live stream about lampard going. I can’t believe you’ve, given this a platform and almost people are taking you a bit out of context, i felt bad for you.

Yeah i mean it was, it was terrible and i realized i realized. You know i suppose it was a year or so ago. Do you remember when there was a kind of a moment in social media where i think it was off the back actually of the death of caroline flack? When everybody kind of said wow, we really do need to evaluate the way that we talk about people and the way that we talk to people, because this is poison.

I wonder when kind was the thing wasn’t, it be kind and what a lot of [ __ ] it is. Unfortunately, no one listens right, but i i think in that arena i mean. Obviously the media were partly involved as well.

It wasn’t all social media, but um. I wonder when we’ll. Have that moment in the football you know, um social media will because it is coming because in the last two weeks, even when i made that conor mcgregor, video or uh, you know it just there’s, something about men who, i guess this.

They’re sitting there frustrated and i know what it feels like to be: a young frustrated, [, __, ] and, like you’re, just angry at the world, then someone says something like whatever and you you dig into them whatever, but Men can be really brutal, even yeah, that’s, the surprising thing um and i i do worry that at some point we’re gonna see yeah well, the thing is, i don’t think that people realize, because What i find very strange is a lot of the people that i’ve, been really on my case this week, like relentlessly on my case.

They’re, the same people that previously have been like dming me consistently like begging me. They’re begging me to be on their channel. Is this a chance? It’s generally a choice. I wonder i don’t know if this is happening to you, because, obviously, all those years ago, when i came up as the newcastle guy, it kind of happened to me, is when you, when you sort of rise up among a farm base and Become a prominent figure, there are other people within that farm base who look at you and go [ __ ], you that should be me, and i’m, not saying that that’s.

What’s happened, but it could well be no mate. I think i think that is almost certainly true. This is people this seat that you have like amazingly allowed me to occupy for for a good one, shut up on your [ __ ] event.

I is highly coveted, highly comfortable that’s, a pretty good suit. No, i mean i ‘ Ve got one of these. It’s, it’s actually broken. There is no. There is a comfortable benefit from being on the show, but it is a highly coveted seat, but the point is what i would say is rory.

I do i, i think people would also say we were remiss if we didn’t say i mean i think you and i have a similar times. We go for different things. I criticized wayne rooney and got a lot of hate and you know sorry, are you criticized? Can i ask you both a question? Did you hate so we would go with you comments off last week.

Did you really yeah yeah? Did you did you really so i i might have to consider? I know i just thought myself, like i’m not going to take this abuse like you guys can have your opinion. I’m, not trying to stop you, but why should i yeah? I did it on twitter.

Let myself feel like [ __, ] yeah, because you don’t have the right to talk to me like that. Like basically, people think here talk to each other, you can’t talk to me yeah, i just what are you doing for your own mental health? You have to there’s, a cut-off question, so this is.

This is the this is what i find interesting did your so for me, if you, if i like abramovich and you don’t, or vice versa, as a case may be, i don’t really care, whether you do or don’t, and i’d – expect you to not really care whether i do we have the debate.

We have the interaction and then we have a plan of guinness and nobody really cares that’s. How i assume arguments and debates go so because that’s, how they go with my friends right if you insult me kind of fine, but about the issue but but kind of have people talking about it.

Did you get that, though? You find that people go off-tangent. It’s, not about that, though. It’s right okay, so they disagree with you. But if you’re, if you’re personally angry generally, and then you find something that you have the red the red flag to the bull it.

That is just an excuse for them to vend to you other [, __ ]. That’s going on in their lives bro, and that is what this is really about, but they start talking what i found very weird about this this time.

You know this isn’t, my first rodeo, sadly, but what i’ve found you’ve said a lot. What i found very um, what i found very surprising, did you find this? This became not about chelsea. This became about my wife, my first youtube video one of the main comments.

I i’ll, never forget it. I hope your mother dies of cancer. That was the first one of the first videos. I meant lawrence his grandmother. Laurence’s. Grandmother passed away, he had people dming him saying i’m glad your grandmother died.

It gets to a mental isn’t it, but he said some mean things. It’s, it it’s, it’s when we’re having a bit of panda and we’re poking fun at a football club struggling or whatever yeah. You call me an [ __ ], but like it just gets ridiculous, and i think people don’t understand like their one comment, is actually a wave of hate for us on the other end.

If they don’t see that and and that’s, not what they don’t understand that is like when you’re walking around with this foggy mind, feeling like [, __ ] me, everyone [, __, ] hates us it it can’t you be as strong as you like, yeah yeah.

I know, and the thing is as well. You know these accounts that generally they have big followings like bigger than me. They genuinely have huge, followings, often faceless, but yeah when they put out that often a clip that doesn’t necessarily tell the full picture they put.

They put it out. I i don’t know whether they know if they ‘ Re faceless, though i’m, not being funny. But if you’re, not willing to do your own videos and put yourself out there and then you’re going to repost one of rory’s.

Videos clip it down. Take it out of context. You’re, just a [ __ ], the one totally like you know there are like: do your own video, responding to rory, explain what give be respectful or that’s cool? I think i think you’ve seen it.

This week, as well from obviously you go from rory’s level, to like you think, with actual transabi and anthony martial in the last two years right, which has been incredible, and i think what people don’t realize is, and i Think, like definitely rory to himself, is still a normal person.

Just a football fan, and people watching him will think you ‘ Ve assumed this kind of position where you are the voice of chelsea fans, and you think you’re bigger than you are, and then they start to so the way we talk about a footballer they’ll, be talking about us, for Example, and they don’t realize that there’s, a real human behind it, like i remember when i got cancelled like and i was getting death threats and emails and like i had to translate some messages to realize somebody wanted to Kill me like it’s, it’s.

Bizarre, i remember, like i’d, get a mention on my tweet. I wouldn’t even want to look at it. Like i get like absolutely anxiety and people don’t realize i’ve trended. Why is they don’t realize that someone is, on the actual other end, that’s kind of what i want to do.

Do people do like you know when a big account puts it out and do they put it out and almost accidentally, no [ __ ] me up or do they put it out? No, it’s, [ __ ], knowing full well! No! No! No! No, this is about their own personal opportunity to grow retweets off the back of making.

You look like a [ __ ] yeah, that’s. What this is about, but like even this is the thing i’ve been doing this for six years now and lately my resolve my ability to withstand this is gone. I’m too. I’m.

I’ve done this too long. So now, if i know there’s, a video out there that is going to get here or what, like the mcgregor series, i’ll. Just plot comments, not even i’m, not you’re in a very privileged position, because i’m.

A new youtuber right, even even hate, is good for the algorithm. No, no! No! No! No, in all seriousness, rory check this out. I block comments on two videos, both about conor mcgregor. They both ended up on the trending top ten of youtube.

Really. So all this about comments, yeah yeah, i don’t, know how true it is right. Interesting so i mean whatever, but funny that it was conor mcgregor for you, because he’s, your guy yeah, but at the same time people want to see where you, regardless.

If a man makes mistakes in a ring and a football pitch, i got ta talk about it and tell people what happened. Yeah and i actually – i’ve – had a lot of criticism about my fighting opinions over the years, which is probably fair, cool that conor mcgregor video i made last time 18 minutes or whatever it was.

It was the best fighting video i’ve ever made. I know that in my because i’ve, i’ve trained fighting now and i’ve got a better eye. You know actually looking back. No one’s paid more attention than mcgregor’s career than me, but i gave i was sitting there drinking pints of honey just to get through that [ __ ].

I really tried for that video and then you just think. Ah [ __ ] it you just turned them off that’s very interesting. You can’t keep everyone happy, but but the point i’m making is lads. Six years i’ve, been getting [ __ ] i can’t.

I think i can’t. Do this, like do you think some of our peers in the industry are partly responsible for that kind of vitriolic environment because yeah, because people from the outside looking in so, for example, the people that were messaging rory about whatever i don’t know.

Rory, you’re, a wanker a lot worse. Yes, like you hear that, on a regular basis, that’s, how you do this, how you introduce so normal? Do you know what i mean: people think that’s normal? If, if you’re going to say that maybe you’ve, not said it about player, but people think if they’re or those people in that bubble are going to be like that about a player.

Then i can be that like that about them and we get painted with the same brush because of all these morons online that, but there is something very interesting in that because say for example, footballer i haven’t been kind about.

Sorry, sorry, i was never not kind. When i met sari, i was very polite and chivalrous to him because he’s, a human. Whether i discuss him around this table with you and say i don’t want him to be chelsea manager.

When i met him, i was polite. I didn’t tell. I was never rooted to him yeah i was involved. I was in budapest with sorry lovely. I was incredibly polite. He was terrible followers i was on. I was on the plane with him.

I was on the plane to to budapest. I wasn’t playing team uh. The team’s plane anyway, when i, when i met him, i had a very nice [, __ ] exchange right. I had a very nice experience. You don’t, get the invites no more! That’s.

Why you ate romans, but the point is, i would never be like that to the person around this table. I will have that discussion, but it’s when people are like that it’s, the equivalent of me going direct it’s like when people at the footballer in there oh pogba was [ __, ], yeah yeah.

Exactly what you’re doing? What are you doing? I mean after the discussion we had last week about wayne rooney, i mean this week. We’ve, been doing a bit of research on people’s. Mental health, jordan and i ‘

Ve, obviously talked about being the best yeah shout out to him how hard that must be to him. I think wayne rooney’s also said himself. He said his moment, yeah stuff on social media people being particularly um.

You know. So what happened? Because we had the discussion. I remember the conversation perfectly. You got grief about your opinion on that video. Now, here’s, the thing right, broadly, i kind of reassessed the position i took in that argument.

I did think you know what there probably some people out. There have got a point, and actually you know, like brian says i can be quite condescending or sound, quite um, arrogant in some. I was joking bro.

No, but the point: okay, you can’t, be condescending and yeah, and i don’t mean to be, but i don’t think in that case you were. I think you were passionate because you had a bad experience about wayne, rooney sure and maybe maybe okay, maybe i can be that’s where you got it wrong.

Maybe i can be a bit too moralistic, or maybe i can be a bit too um. You know prescriptive in the way i looked at it and the there were a few people who called me or whatever you want to call me, and some people went and posted below, like my son’s, birth picture and stuff, and i was like What are you doing here when you actually go back and you give the details to those people? A lot of those people go away from you’re, a [ __, ] or whatever, and they go oh yeah thanks for applying appreciate that mate yeah.

They’re, all not perfect, they all cost all these geezers yeah. So we’ve all watched youtube videos and we all get into this sort of it’s. All boxed off isn’t. It you’re, seeing a version of a person talk about what they’re, showing that version of you talking about football and it’s.

Really it’s, not the whole version of them. It’s, not everything about. If you’re, sat there talking about life with this person one-on-one in a pub or whatever, even the guy who’s, commenting the nasty thing would be like.

Oh actually, i misjudged you or i get you but better. You know. Maybe it wouldn’t be the same way, but obviously i think there’s. I think there’s, something about we ‘ Ve talked about this in the past, but i think people need to be accountable more for what they say online.

Oh 100, yeah. Well, at the moment it’s, total anonymity. If you want it to be isn’t it yeah. I think it needs to be in some places now, but i think there should be certain levels of knowing if you you know what it is.

A lot of these people have never had a stiff bang in the face that’s. The problem that’s right people haven’t, been, i’m, not going to advocate for violence that’s, never been punched. No, i see partly what your point is, but at the same time we can’t say that fighting would solve this issue.

I’m, not about being held responsible sure there’s, always been a period in your time. In your life, where you’ve done something stupid and bro. You’ve learned what you’re, doing, call, whether it’s from your parents or from a friend or from a enemy or from wherever you’ve held a stiff bank.

You’ve, been out in the real world too. Many of these kids don’t know the reality. I did have a moment where a troll. Well, no! No! No! No! No! I know this story, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! Let’s. Just do it mate, let’s.

Just say: let’s just say. Sometimes, when you meet me in person, you realize i’m, not as nice as i am to the lads on the kickoff [ Music ]. The kickoff now exclusively live on. Twitch click, the link in the description below

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