Teen’s Rage Is Out of Control


When my sister janelle gets angry, she becomes enraged and hateful she’s called me, a fat poor. She’s, told me to go: kill myself, it’s hurtful shut up Mackenzie. This is none of your business.  Janelle had a flip out.

Janelle did punch me that night and tried to kick me. Once Janelle starts flipping out my mom just doesn’t know what to do. She wasn’t the one to calm Janelle down. It was always our dad. Our dad was Janelle’s best friend.

She literally in her eyes. He was gone. Janelle is a snotty brat. She’s used to getting what she wants and doesn’t happen anymore. She said she wishes it was my mom gone and not our dad. That girl has been through so much in her life, but underneath it all, she is the most amazing kid you would ever meet.

My fear is, janelle will get worse. If she doesn’t get help Mackenzie, you’ve, been listening to everything we ‘ Ve talked about so far right. I have, and you’re here, because you are worried about janelle.

She can be the most amazing kid you’ve ever met, but she’s not there anymore. I mean you’ve seen the videos I mean that’s not even a fraction of what we’ve, been through yeah. Well, she is there uh.

She is there and you’re not the problem here. This is a family issue. What do you, what do you miss most?

Everything. I miss the time I see his laughter and always being around him, but I know I can’t right now.

You’re choosing to focus on the event of your father’s death and as a father, I can tell you that when I pass from this world I want my boys, I want my wife. I want my wife and sons to celebrate all of the years I had with them not focus on the day that I left them and I’m going to be really disappointed if every time they think of me it’s painful.

How many wonderful experiences did you have that can never be taken away from you? You have a choice. You can celebrate all the wonderful times you had with him, or you can focus on that day that that you lost him and you’re choosing to focus on the loss instead of the richness of the life that you shared. It shouldn’t be something painful. It should be something that you celebrate.

Yeah we do though Dr Phil, and you do

I’m not talking to you, I’m, not talking to you right now. You brought her to talk to me and I’m sorry, I apologize. It’s really important to not assume that you know what someone else is thinking or feeling.

Even if you hear what they say or do uh you say: oh we do that. We do that. You don’t know what she’s experiencing internally. You’re right and I apologize well hey it’s me and thank you so much for watching, and while I have you do you have a story or a question for me.

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