System76 News: Platinum Luxury Bonus April Edition


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the 4th month of the year comes to a close, we celebrate the 4th
release of Pop!_OS, which had updates to GNOME, Ubuntu, and the Linux
kernel, as well as new additions such as Dark Mode, Slim Mode, and
Refresh Installs. Continue reading to get the scoop on what’s next for
Pop!_OS and more!



Coreboot is one step closer

We’ve expanded our Coreboot
testing to the Intel model of Thelio. Galago Pro models and the Darter
Pro have also received bug fixes for suspend, and improvements have been
made for Thunderbolt. There are still some bugs buzzing around
Coreboot, but initial tests look promising.   




Updates Galore with 19.04


In case you missed it, Pop!_OS 19.04 landed on the 18th! Here are a few features and upgrades released in 19.04:

  • The Slim Mode option maximizes your screen real estate by reducing the height of the header on application windows.
  • Dark Mode
    gives your applications a relaxing ambience for nighttime viewing. Both
    Dark Mode and Slim Mode can be activated in the Appearance settings
  • Refresh
    Install allows you to reinstall Pop!_OS without losing Users and any
    data in your Home directories. This feature is available from the
    recovery partition on new installations (not upgrades) of both 19.04 and
    18.04. For more information on how to do this, see our article on using the recovery partition.
  • Pop!_OS
    icons: The icons for Pop!_OS applications, files, and folders have been
    redesigned to complement GNOME’s icons under their new design
    guidelines. If you’re grieving the loss of the previous look, don’t
    fret; Pop! Planet offers the older icon theme as an option.
  • GNOME has been updated to version 3.32

See our blog post
for thorough details on all the new updates and instructions on how to
upgrade. Note that 19.04 will continue to see more features to help
improve the desktop experience, so stay tuned in social media for those

Software Packages

  • Discord and Alacritty
    were packaged for inclusion into our repos, though they will not appear
    in the Pop!_Shop until the appstream metadata is also added to our
  • Lutris, Gamehub, and VS Code have all received version updates.

is a terminal emulator that uses the GPU to render the terminal and its
contents. If you wish to set it as your default terminal application,
you can do so by running the following command:

sudo update-alternatives –config x-terminal-emulator

Thank You Pop!_Volunteers

  • @stratact submitted a patch to refactor some of the code in Popsicle
  • @stratact also wrote a library and tool to aid with creating DEP11 appstream metadata, which is now a Pop! project.
  • @kylecorry31 has migrated development of the Do Not Disturb extension to our repos, which have also been updated. Repo

Conferences & Meetups


Upcoming Events

LinuxFest Northwest | Bellingham, WA | April 26-28

is headed to LinuxFest Northwest on April 26th-28th! Come visit us at
our booth over by the raffle area. Meet Emma, Thomas, Aaron, and Levi of
our support team (and Alex, who also does things) and enjoy some banter
with us about Linux, superheroes, the color pink, and any other topic
you’re in the mood to talk about! We’re not too picky. Be sure to join
Jupiter Broadcasting and System76 for our parking lot BBQ on Saturday,
April 27th! RSVP on Meetup, where you can see all the details, or with Emma.

KiCon | Chicago | April 26-27

our VP of Marketing, will be at KiCon in Chicago on April 26th-27th to
talk about our work in KiCad designing the IO board for the Thelio
desktop line. PCB there or be square!

Pop!_Release Party | Denver | May 4

May 4th, come join us at our office in Denver, Colorado to celebrate
Ubuntu and Pop!_OS 19.04 release! Meet System76 staff and members of the
Colorado Ubuntu community, indulge in food and beverage, and take a
tour of our factory. RSVP on Meetup, where you can see all the details, or with Emma, and May the 19.04th be with you!

Past Happenings


April 20th, we gathered at The Grateful Gnome in Denver to celebrate
the release of GNOME 3.32! Drinks were shared. Tales were told. Pointy
hats were dearly missed, but we still felt at gnome among friends.           

Press Coverage

Linus Tech Tips

Pop!_OS was featured on Linus Tech Tips this month! Watch hosts Anthony Young and James Strieb reenact the Matrix as they discuss gaming on Linux with Pop!_OS!

Level1Tech review of Thelio

Stares into the camera abound in Level1Tech’s new review! Enjoy the many faces of Wendell as he unpacks his first impressions of Thelio. article on System76 manufacturing

Don Watkins of discusses System76’s use of open hardware in manufacturing Thelio.

Destination Linux and This Week in Linux

Michael Tunnell from Destination Linux and This Week in Linux
was in Denver this month and decided to drop us a visit! You could say
we were…his Destination. We treated him to lunch and a grand tour of
le factory. We’re looking forward to seeing his reactions to his visit
on his shows this week!

Customer Stories

Rock the TASBot for Mental Illness

Team TASBot is headed to Utah for their annual Desert Tesla Charity Drive, which will be streamed on the Oryx Pro! This Twitch
stream features dwangoAC and TheAxeMan as they become wildly
uncomfortable in their respective Teslas, as donations determine the
methods of discomfort. Viewers are encouraged to use Crowd Control to
alter a car’s features, such as the max speed, car horn, music, and
internal temperature, and even make the car dance.

Funds raised during the stream go towards supporting the National Alliance on Mental Illness,
an organization that advocates for educational programs and public
policy and offers a free hotline for providing support and information.

there’s anything else you want to hear about in these newsletters in
the future, be it tech or office dogs or anything in between, just shoot
an email over to Katie.

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