Microsoft Gives Paint the 11th Hour Reprieve it Deserves –

There are a couple of staples of Windows 10 that should never change: the Start menu, windowing, and Paint. The classic application has been a core component of Windows for decades and thankfully, it’s not going away.

Last year, Microsoft had made the decision to remove the Paint application in favor of Paint 3D, but it looks like the company is reversing course. Brandon LeBlanc stated on Twitter that Paint will ship in the next version of Windows 10 and the company will include this app in Windows 10 updates going forward.

Even though Paint3D can do everything Paint can accomplish, it is more complex and likely has features many users don’t need or understand. The classic Paint app is an easy way to manipulate an image or to let your kid have a bit of fun on your PC too.

This news, along with the updates to Windows 10 servicing and the new Edge browser, represents a shift in how Microsoft has been operating Windows. The company is actually listening to feedback by giving users what they want and generally making the OS better for everyone.

Even though we have lost the tabbed future, keeping Paint is a step in the right direction and hopefully, the company doesn’t backtrack on this stance.

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