Skull Cut Out T-Shirt DIY Tutorial

Skull cut out t-shirt. Hey okay so today I’m gonna show you how to make a skull cut out t-shirt. And all you need is a shirt, scissors and something to draw on with it. Enjoy. Okay so here’s what you need. So I have this shirt which I got a true 21 for about three dollars. It’s just plain black and it’s kind of stretchy and you have your scissors.

I recommend maybe something a little bigger but this is all I could find. And then something to draw on your shirt with so I’m using permanent marker. But chalk works well or a pencil crayon. So okay so start by laying your shirt flat trying to make sure it’s pretty centered and just start by drawing on a face. I’m gonna start at the eyes. You can start anywhere you want. All right so once you’re done it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just as long as it’s just a little guideline for you.

Okay so once your Ln is done you can start cutting. Okay so once you’re done cutting you just want to take the little strands between each cut and kind of roll them between your fingers. I’d give them a little pull and it’ll get rid of the on the any uneven edges that you have just like that. Make sure you don’t pull too or else they’ll break okay and that’s it.

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