SpongeBob & Patrick: 🍫 Chocolate w/ Nuts πŸ₯œ in 5 Minutes | Nick

Hey the Mail's here. What'd you get. It's funny I don't remember subscribing to Fancy Living Digest. Look at these glossy depictions of a higher standard of living. Give me stealing my mail a piece with me how do the people in that magazine get all that money. They're entrepreneurs. They sell things to people quick Patrick without thinking if you could have anything in the world right now what would it be more time for thinking something you would pay for a great idea Pat good afternoon sir could we interest you in some chocolate chocolate did you say chocolate chocolate chocolate didn't count this is our real first step good morning sir would you like to buy some chocolate no self-respecting candy bar salesman would be caught dead without one of these Wow what is it it's a candy bar bag you knucklehead but you don't need these bags [Music] so long boys happy hunting okay let's try next door yes say what you're the same guy who sold us these candy bar bags I don't recall but it looks to me like you fellows have got a lot of bags there you too lady killers are too smart to be without one of my patented candy bar bag carrying bags meter 20 there must be something in a selling game that was just not getting other people do it I mean look at the barnacle chips they're delicious well maybe if they didn't stretch the truth they wouldn't sell this many that's it Patrick we've gotta stretch the truth yes hello young lady we're selling chocolate it's your mother home yelling you just can't wait for me to die can you they're selling chocolate what they're selling chocolate that Salling chocolate chocolate I remember when they first invented chocolate I always hated it oh but this chocolate is not for me you rub it on your skin and it makes you live forever I hate you if we keep exaggerating the truth we'll be fancy living in no time this guy he'll feel so sorry for us he'll have to buy all of our chocolate what can I do for you boys hello sir would you like to buy a chocolate bar we need an operation really small world what's the matter with you guys we got some head trauma and eternal bleeding uh some guys have all the luck I was born with glass bones and paper skin every morning I break my legs in every afternoon I break my arms at night I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep oh no Patrick let's help him careful put him down gently poor poor man if there's anything we can do to help you there is one thing su can well imagine my medical bills are extremely high but luckily I'm able to keep myself alive by selling chocolate bars [Music] such nice boys it does my heart good to con a couple of class-a sucker o knees like those two let's face it Patrick we're failures I can live with that I've been trying to catch you boys all day I'd like to buy all your chocolate good evening sir table for one please sorry but the whole restaurant has been rented to a private party who could afford to rent out the whole restaurant Oh a couple of rich entrepreneurs and their dates so how long have you two ladies known each other.