Skincare Favourites For Teenage Skin

hey y'all welcome back to my channel so today I'm filming my favorite skincare product for clearing acne back about one or two years ago I had really really bad skin I was put on those different countries after pills and then I was on a pill just so before in my acne but a lot of these products as well have to do with it and now that I'm not on any medication for my skin this so these are the products that I use to keep my skin clear hope you guys enjoy it so first I'm gonna start out going to use to remove my makeup so my number one favorite skincare product ever for everything is coconut oil and I just use any brands this coconut oil here I just got in like Super Value or doing there something on attack a tanner for this big toe but the last few months in one so I just use this like as a cleansing balm you know like to take the day off but I'm from Quinny it's kind of like that you get into your hands rubbish to your hands together it warms that and melts it and then you put it all over your face I don't get your makeup all messy and it just removes it from your kin straight away it all just like kind of melts off your face and then to take all that off I use these face cloths from Penny's I know those I could design some sort of design around that makes these but penny started their own range of them I think it's called the clean cloth there isn't then but a pack of three is four year old so this is what they look like and they're really soft cotton and I just put this in warm water with all the coconut oil mess on my face and then just wet it and literally just roll all of it off and you'll see all your makeup come off on this and then just put it in their laundry straightaway because I have about eight of these so they last me the whole week and then I just put them in laundry after I use them and then also if I don't have any eye makeup on I usually just use micellar water because it doesn't really remove my mascara it's really really bad I think and it's just like if I'm lazy I just use my mouse micellar water so I have this huge one and I think it's like a fiver from pennies to get the big one but I use these with you know those cotton round and then just Robert literally all over my face but I this is not my wouldn't be my number one choice for a removing makeup but it's better than using face wipes in my opinion face wipes to just strip your skin so use this Jack me in replacement of a face one and they're now moving on to cleanser so I have two different kinds I have one cleanser for when my skin is really bad I don't want to clear my spot and then I have another and therefore when my skin is clear and I just need something to cleanse my face gently so first I'll talk about the cleanser that I use when my skin is really bad and I have acne that I want to clear so I use the pure a charcoal deport cleanser and it looks like this and it's seven year old from Boots and it's really really really good it's one of those kinds of kind of tingles your skin when you have it on it doesn't really foam up that much but you just splash your face with warm water then rub this in and then I keep it on for like 30 seconds just to work its magic on my skin and then I wash it off but I know loads people that use this boys and girls and they say it's the best kind that I've ever used there isn't too much in it it really it does kind of dry out your skin but just make sure you use moisturizer after but it's really really good at clearing your skin as well and even the next day your spots are reduced and everything so this is really really going for it oh yeah this is really really good for giving spots so moving on anyway so the time that I use when my skin is clear and I don't I want something just gentle to clean my face I use the Burt's Bees sensitive facial cleanser I just recently got this I've started using it a bit a month ago but it's definitely one of my favorites now it's removed so slow and sorry if you could hear the Hoover in the background but anyway it's really really good really gentle cleanser also does not foam up that much for some reason foamy cleansers just gives me the cream it's like it's really really stripping your face and just loads of chemicals but this is so so so so gentle you only need a tiny bit like a pea-sized amount yeah it's really good I think it's by 12 or 13 euro so it's not too expensive and it's definitely probably the best cleanser from the drugstore or like low-end Tangiers it kinda reminds me of something that you get from Kiehl's it's kind of has a similar makeup and yes yes so yeah I really really recommend this the Burt's Bees cleanser and then another times that I have it's more of a screw-up I use this twice a week and it's another bird speeds product that looks like this this is the Burt's Bees patient willow bark deep pore scrub and I used to use lotion salts but I found that really really harsh on my skin it really felt like I was scratching my skin but this one's way nicer it smells really nice so it uses in the shower twice a week in the morning I try not to use scrubs when I after I have makeup on because I feel like if I open my pores the makeup will go in if I haven't washed it off properly though that's how I use it anyway and I really really like this and it just gives your face a fresh feel it doesn't like peel off a whole layer of skin but it's a good scrub scent moving on to toners I have a very few toners but my number one favorite is definitely the t3 toner so I just have the little travel-size here because I like to keep a big one and a small one to keep bring with me everywhere if I don't have makeup on I always have this on me I always put this on before I put on my moisturizer after cleansing to close my pores I also use this after doing a deep pore cleansing strip you know the ones for your nose to close up my pores after so yeah I think this small one is about 10 euro from boots but I also have a little hack that you use to make your own one at home because I think it is really really expensive for what it is and lush and it's a bit diluted as well I like it a bit stronger when I have spots and then have it the more diluted one for when I don't really have any spots just so I keep my skin clear and all that kind of jazz so yeah I really really like this it's so good if you have acne but to make up my own one at home I just still have to do this I might give a little clip of how I make this at home unless you can get these tea tree toner tabs and their I think they're 150 each or one euro each so I get two and 250 milliliters of boiling water I melt these and I steam my face this is before I do another pour strip and so I steam my face with that with the towel over my head and then I let that cool down and then I get an empty - bottle like this a big one this one I had the aroma water in which I don't really recommend I don't really like it it's just like water with a tiny tiny bit of rose water in it it's really diluted and not worth the money so I don't recommend this I used to like it and I used to recommend it on snapchat but I kind of have gone back on what I've said cuz I don't I don't feel like it does anything but anyway I when it cools down I pour it back into one of these bottles and then I have a big bottle of tea tree toner water that I only cost me about 2 euro to make so that is a good little tip that I have and then also my other toner which I haven't got but I still need to repurchase is my trusty Mario Badescu water but I've said that already in loads favourites videos that that is my favourite toner I love Mario Badescu Bros water it's only a tenner and it's really really good for in-between your Michaels adding your Michael using it as a toner before moisturizer I really like it but also I find a dupe fruit in pennies it's the mystery water so I think this it's only 250 and it's hydrating Miss Rose and vitamin E for our skin tight so I really really like this I use this for now makeup days it makes your face really really Joey and I've been using it after I put on powder before my powder highlight as well to make it like pop and all that so halfway through the day sometimes my skin gets really dry if I use my Laura Mercier translucent powder and do not keep in my eyes I might then use it all over my face so I just sprayed this a little bit and then it makes my face a bit more dewy obviously don't do that if you have oily skin and your makeups are coming off but my makeup kind of goes in the opposite way and it goes all crusty and dry so I just spray a bit of this and then it's a bit doing yeah I really like that and a two-year old 50 Cent's and then moving on to moisturizer this is the only high-end product I think I have in their favorites video but the Kiehl's ultra facial cream I got this because it's all coming to winter now and I got really really dry skin in winter and be honest I prefer to spend my money on skincare rather than high-end makeup I just like having nicer skin at home when I can you know be myself and not feel uncomfortable to leave the house without makeup on so I really recommend this if you're into your skincare this is probably the best moisturizer I've ever used especially if you have dry skin it's more about high-end product it cost fifty four-year-old what it has it lasted me a long time I've had four back to you and once and I've barely even made a dent in it so I really really recommend that for anyone who's into their skincare but obviously you can probably find dupes to this I think the first day Beauty moisturizer you can get that on beautybay I think it's a bit cheaper than this and that's like a really good moisturizer as well but I also have another moisturizer that I use for the summer which is not as intense and thin and it is the e45 moisturizing lotion this is like the most simple moisturizer you can ever use has barely any ingredients in it you have kind of oily skin I think would be better to use this one because it's not as thick it doesn't clog your pores or anything and it's really really good so I use this sometimes all over my body on my elbows and knees if I'm really also I use coconut oil on for my body as well but if I have any dry patches on my skin on my body and then I use this kind of in the morning time if I don't want anything too thick before it but my makeup on I use this so it's kind of like not as intense moisturizer as the Kiehl's face so I really recommend this as an alternative as well and then moving on to math and all those extra bit I use the vitamin E on your eye patches from Penny's there are 150 and you get 15 of them the ones that you just put underneath your eyes when you have kind of dark circles and I do this bit once a week I think these are really good I haven't used any like high-end versions of these so I can't really compare to anything else but I really really like it anyway and I really recommend it's only one year on fifty cents so like you're not wasting money on it but yeah I really like this so I recommend this if you have dark circles and I also you the pennies a low no strip these are my favorite no strips I used to use to boa ones that are like 15 euro for ten and to be honest they're exactly the same I feel like these all do the same thing as long as you're putting them on right steam in your face first I'm taking it off and then toning make sure you tone after because it can you leave your pores open and then put makeup on or something it's just gonna clog them back up again so make sure you tone after but I really like these anyway and these are only one euro fifty cents as well don't recommend those and then onto face masks I only have two face masks that I ever use though if you have any face marks suggest picks on how many face masks so if you have any face packs suggestions leave them down below because I'd really want to try out some new ones and see what they're like I'm kind of more into like brightening and glowy face masks so one I use a free glowy skin or brightening up my skin is the Pierre L'Oreal Pierre clay brightening mask or what is called yeah gloma and I think I got it for like 80 euro and pennies so really good bargain and then for clearing my skin this is my favorite face mask ever I think I've gone through about seven of these definitely I would recommend these to anyone it tastes like mint chocolate it's the mask of Magna minty from lush for clearing your skin it's so good because it's green it like color corrects your face so if you have any redness or spot it you know changes occur it's like reduces the size of your spots and makes them less red as well so this is definitely my favorite favorite favorite face mom ever it's so good I can go on about it see how it's definitely my favorite so I really recommend this it's the bomb diggity I love it also for reducing my acne scars I kind of have just like redness and pigmentation all over my face so sometimes I do an oil mask because that helped you with color correction and evens out your skin tone and all that kind of jazz so for that I use oil I only have a tiny bit left I need to get more but they sell big tubs that in pennies as well so I'm probably just go in there today and get them well I only really do it after you're in the winter that when the air is really dry and my skin's kind of dry so I just put a layer of this all over my face and keep it on overnight and then in the morning I usually wake up for my face as I'm glowing it's like so oily so I don't really put moisturizer on the next more but it really helps with color correction my health skin feels really nice and it reduces the redness as well and you can use it for all sorts of things like stretch marks and all that jazz so it's really cheap I think I think this is about like eight euro for this size but anyway so that's all my favorite skincare products in the comments down below because I really want to try and use still I really love skincare that's like my favorite thing ever but also I want to do like a drugstore makeup favorites as well because I really only buy on my makeup from the drugstore anyway though if you have any skincare favorites leave them down below and like video if you want me to do a skincare routine I'll probably do that net so I'll see you in my next video bye guys I don't have my lipstick on so matter [Music]