How To Kick Ass In Life. 10 Teen Tips – How To Be Crazy Successful & Happy

[Music] gentlemen being young is not an excuse for being lazy uninformed be self-destructive or dumb what you do and how you handle your business now is going to impact you not only now but in the future I am so sick and tired of looking at YouTube Facebook Twitter the news and seeing whiny little bit little Jimmy got his precious little feelings hurt because he didn’t get a trophy really failed the test so he’s telling his parents about the mean teacher I’m offended about this I’m offended about that everybody’s offended about being offended we have turned into a bunch of complete if you want to win it life it starts with you right now no one’s gonna do it for you it’s time to man up face reality and figure it out is it today I figured I’d go over 10 things that you as a teen or pretty much anybody need to know in order to kick ass at life tip number one develop a thicker skin life isn’t fair people are mean but if you’re going to let other people’s opinion dictate who you are and affect your self-esteem they win you lose game over there’s a big difference between constructive criticism and just plain old criticism learn the difference listen to the constructive feedback hell with the rest tip number two is you don’t need everything you want some of your friends will have more than you some will have less appreciate what you have and don’t worry that you’re not having or driving or whatever it’s okay you shouldn’t and to be completely honest growing up poor is actually an advantage when your parents or people hand you stuff that you didn’t have to work hard or bust your ass to get you don’t appreciate it you don’t understand what it actually takes to get it growing up or like I did makes you work makes you hungry makes you have a desire to succeed more than you need oxygen gentlemen if you can harness that my friend successful tip number three is on understand that you will fail from time to time and failure can be amazing gentlemen I did a video talking all about the upside to the downside of failing it’s listed in linked in the description it’s a good one watch it tip number four don’t do drugs that’s pretty much it don’t drink in excess alright I know your friends might be doing it I know that it might be cool I know that it might feel good but I’m here to tell you if you go down that path now you’re setting yourself up for disaster don’t do drugs or do and make it easier for me to be successful that’s cool whatever tip number five pick good friends if you surround yourself with pieces of crap people people that don’t have your same goals values Drive or passion they’re going to bring you down to their level you’re not going to lift them up surround yourself with the type of people you want to be tip number six be nice to everybody not the cool people not the people that everybody tip number seven do what’s right not what’s easy following the crowd being a sheep watching and doing what your friends are doing that’s easy standing up for yourself what you know is right that is difficult but my friends I will tell you it will make you more successful in life tip number eight don’t be afraid of hard work everybody who is ultimately successful who ultimately wins at life has had to put in the time the energy and the work tip number nine listen to your parents I know they might not be cool I know they might be saying things and you’re like mom get away from me you have no idea what you’re talking about but the fact is they have been there they want what’s best for you no ifs ands or buts about it they want you to be more successful than them but sometimes unfortunately we have parents that suck and if that’s the case I’m sorry some do you’ll be alright though and tip number ten and probably the most important tip that I can offer you stand up for yourself people will always try and take advantage of you if you let them taking pride in yourself having good character and doing what is right standing up for yourself because gentlemen I’m here to tell you no one else is going to do it and it’s nobody else’s responsibility to neither gentleman I did a video talking about how to stand up for yourself that’s also listed in length in the description I wanted to do this video because I want what’s best for you and I wish somebody would have told me this stuff when I was younger because it would have had a dramatic impact on me if I actually had somebody that I respected let me know sort of what the deal is and so I feel like with this channel I have a unique opportunity and I’ve got a voice and I just want to use it for positive and I want to hopefully impact a few dudes in a positive way all right life’s tough man it’s not getting any easier all right but all this nonsense that we see about everybody being so upset and offended the deal is nobody’s going to hand you anything it is nobody’s responsibility to ensure that you’re happy other than yours nobody else’s job to help you alright if you’re going to wait for somebody else to do for you you’re gonna be waiting a long time nothing great was ever accomplished because it was easier handed to you guys we need to take responsibility for our own actions don’t put up with bullshit don’t accept negativity from other people you are positive you’re perfect and I think you are amazing