[Music] oftentimes when you feel your heart beating faster wobbling in your knees and racing lots of excitement this usually indicates that you have a crush on someone when you like someone you're prone to exhibiting specific behaviors that indicate your attraction such as thinking about them constantly being reminded of them by little things being uncontrollably excited and giddy when you're around them as well as smiling even at the thought of them having a crush on someone is the easiest and the most fun part of beginning a relationship experiencing the over amplified excitement dopamine releases upon seeing them and even the fluttering in your stomach they might get if you touch their hand or meet their gaze for longer than normal and all these things make a crush exciting now this video is not going to be for everyone but there is a specific audience this video is made for you might know that you have a crush on that guy but the question is how do you get a guy to like you it was a popular question on the minds of women who have a crush on my guy or even believe they're in love often times men's motives and desires seem hidden or confusing sometimes it seems you like you other times he pulls away or it may seem like he isn't interested at all and then suddenly you're all he seems to focus on truthfully men are simple creatures while their desires and intentions may seem blurry at first especially with emotions getting the way of clear judgement it's generally easy to decipher what a guy wants so this is where it's important to pay close attention if you're looking for sound advice the first step to getting a guy to like you is to be authentic this step is imperative to beginning any relationship or even pursuing someone any relationship or romantic pursuit that begins on the lies or deceit is never going to end well authenticity is easily the most important aspect that you can bring to a relationship or romantic situation being authentic and true to yourself actually helps to amplify your attractiveness and trustworthiness intuitively people can feel that when you're not being honest even if it's about who you are of course it's always fun to put an extra effort to your appearance when you're initially interested in a guy or act like you're interested in all the same things as him or even try to seem like you're more intelligent than you really are but it's imperative that you act like yourself as much as you can after all when the initial excitement wears off in your dopamine system is back in order you won't want to be in a relationship where he might abdulatipov didn't hate or where he thinks you're different than you really are plus being authentic will help the relationship last longer he'll know who he liked in the beginning and you'll still be the same person when the early giddiness passes the second step to getting a guy to like you is to have confidence confidence is scientifically proven to make people more attractive to other individuals and it shows that people know what they're doing and what they want Barbara Alec Hetch of The Huffington Post wrote a highly insightful article on confidence where she said it seems that confident people are noticeable they stand out they have a certain air around them that makes you want to get to know them you want to know what makes them so self-assured they're intriguing and we just want to know more about them they're typically comfortable in their own skin and well adjusted they have a sense of ease which is also quite appealing confidence then is one of the most important elements of getting a guy or anyone to like you it's also imperative to cultivate confidence outside of relationships and flirting as believing in yourself can help you with many different walks of life the third step to getting a guy to like you is to go with the flow guys especially younger ones generally don't care for up tightness or rigidity and most men love a girl who possesses an easygoing attitude or even a sense of humor unless being somewhat relaxed contradicts your authentic self it's a great idea to be easygoing when you're talking to your question or even just around them although this can be tricky because some people get really nervous around their crush especially in middle school or high school so not to make yourself act or seem rigid and don't make a situation so serious after all it's just a crush those relationships are the ones where you can be comfortable to be around the person you're with also well any girl with a crush on a guy will usually have fluttery or jittery feelings if you're genuinely uncomfortable around him you might want to consider not pursuing the relationship further so moving on to the fourth step to get a guy to like you it's a try and find common ground such as interest or hobby it's a good idea to think about a time in your life when you met someone new and you both shared a common interest while sharing similar passions and hobbies likely won't increase your compatibility finding common ground definitely helps to break the initial nervous or awkward tension often we share experiences or things we like with others it actually helps us strengthen our understanding of this person and it increases agry ability while you should never pretend to like something that someone else does for the sake of getting them to like you it does help if you share genuine interest especially if your crush mirrors these same passions the fifth step to getting a guy to like you is to flirt this doesn't go for every guy out there but most men and women like flirtatiousness smiling frequently maintaining eye contact complimenting them though not excessively blushing and remaining focused mostly on him flirting is a great way to keep things light but also exciting it also increases the chance of him being interested in you or at least knowing that you're open to flirting or pursue finally if above all fails one suggestion is to seem highly available at first though not clinging and then the back layer seemed relatively unavailable for some time this is often called intensity and scarcity or simply the coming or go away trick basically how it works is that the primal instinct in males is to want to chase or pursue someone as historically they have been known dominantly as predators if a woman seems too readily available or is able to easily metaphorically hunted a man will lose interest for sooner than if a woman is busy or unavailable I know I'm probably going to get a ton of comments about this but it just summarizes a ton of relationships and how they start well you generally don't need to do this when you're in a relationship with someone it definitely helps to make you see more desirable at first you might be wondering how this intensity versus scarcity situation works usually the best thing to do is to seem available you answer most of theirs calls texts or emails really turning down an invitation to hang out or the opportunity to see them or you see them nearly daily or multiple times a week to essentially become a frequent person in the said guy's life though not a claim your obsessive way you're simply available once you make yourself readily available for a short period of time usually for a few weeks the two months is recommended then you become scarce as soon as the guy knows who you are and sees you frequently enough to wonder where you are when you're away for a long period of time then you become absent we're simply busy you begin to reply to less of his text emails or calls you don't constantly show up where he is there might be and you certainly don't go out of your way to talk to him first or seem eager to be in his presence and it's important to note that you should not be rude or distant towards him whatsoever when you do this you don't want to push them away by any means you just want to make him more interested in you the scarcity is the simple law of supply and demand the less there is of you in his life the or he will search for you now this is not by any means guaranteed to work but it certainly helps the guys feel more attracted to you as if you or your attention is harder to obtain to summarize to get a guy to like you you should be authentic act confident go with the flow stand out from the rest and try to find common ground if you feel the need you can also make yourself seem readily available and eventually equally unavailable however try to remember that no matter what the outcome of the relationship romantic pursuit or crush might be you should always hold yourself high on your value and realize that by the end of the day we're trying your best which is all that matters now everyone in the world is going to be compatible with each other and it's up to you to love yourself before anyone else can also try to remember that you can't change someone else's sexual orientation or preferences and above all have fun with liking someone don't take it too seriously as having crushes is an exciting part of what thanks guys for watching if you got one gold nugget out of this video click the like button below do want more videos like this subscribe [Music]

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