DIY Unicorn Halloween Costume & Tutu

Hey guys. If you couldn't tell by the title or the cone on my head today maybe doing a tutorial for a unicorn Halloween costume and I'm actually so in love with the way this turned out. I do not know what I wanted for Halloween. Now that I keep doing all these tutorials and if you guys missed my first tutorial which was a Loompa costume I will leave that in the downbar below and also the end of the video and if you couldn't tell by now I also like to do tutorials that are a little bit more unconventional.

So I like to keep my costumes unique and we can just jump right into the tutorial. So you are going to need some colored tulle, a white top, a piece of glittery scrapbook paper, a stretchy material for a waistband, a headband, scissors, a glue gun and tights are optional. I bought three yards of tulle in each color just from my local fabric store and my top is from Garage, the scrap of paper from Michaels and the headband from our Dean's and when you buy your tulle it'll most likely be doubled over already like so. So just leave it like that and we're going to start by folding the length of tulle in half and then in half again and next we're going to separate all the folded edges which would be on three sides. We can do that by making a cut across the entire length and width to just snip off the fold and you should have two single pieces from every one folded piece that we had before. so now I'm just going to trim my final side which will leave us with a bunch of single sheets that are in a more manageable size.

Next we're going to make cuts about four to six inches apart to start creating the strips of tulle that will eventually become the bulk of our tutu and these strips don't have to be perfect so if you're comfortable just cutting I definitely just go for that to save some time. so you can go ahead and repeat that process for each color of tools starting by removing the folded edges and then cutting them into smaller strips so this should leave us with a pretty decent sized stack of tulle strips in each color. Now I'm going to take my super stretchy headband as my waistband and start attaching the tulle strips. So you're going to start by folding the strip in half and then you're going to pinch the middle and loop the loose ends around the elastic and through the pinched end of the strip Then you can just pull that little not tight and arrange strip on the elastic so the two loops are pretty squished together and to speed up the process of filling the elastic with tulle knots I found that doing it in groups of three or four not only made it faster but way thicker too. You're going to create the same process as we just did. I also use one of each color to make different color combinations each time and then this is what you should be left with.

Now to make our unicorn horn I actually use one of those party horns as a template because it was the perfect shape or unicorn horn so I'm going to start by cutting it open and tracing and also adding some extra width to ensure that we have enough to make a full cone and then I'm going to cut that out and use the party horn again, which are from the dollar store by the way, just to practice rolling it up and next I'm going to use a glue gun to fasten our unicorn horn into perfect horn shape. So I pretty much had to improvise here because I couldn't find a plain black headband for whatever reason so ideally find that but if not you can just cut off whatever's on the headband to use as the horn base. Now I'm just drawing a super super rough template on some extra scrap fabric and felt works great for this too, to add a bottom to the horn for easier gluing. So you can just cut it out and glue it on and you can trim any extra after it's already been included. Just make sure not to get any pen on the horn when you are tracing it so give that a few seconds to dry and then add some glue to the bottom of the fabric we just attached and mount that horn onto the headband and you are officially a unicorn. And tights are optional.I thought these are pretty unicorny I just picked these up at a Halloween store called spirit and I paired this costume with my Lita knockoffs to give me some hooves. just kidding but they are kind of cute and here is the final unicorn product and the last thing I forgot to mention was that underneath your - - I just have on some spandex shorts but my to do is actually like so opaque that you couldn't even see them or anything through all the tulle.

I hope you guys enjoyed my unicorn Halloween costume tutorial I have a bunch more costume DIYs coming so make sure you subscribe and follow me on Instagram and Twitter for all the updates and stuff like that and I will be posting a little more frequently for the next couple weeks because I do have my fault rigging week coming up I know like I just started school so it seems weird but anyways I will be posting probably two maybe three times a week so definitely on Sundays and then I'll probably be doing a random weekday I'm just to get more tutorials up there for Halloween and also if you're not comfortable showing this much skin or in your country. It's really really cool for Halloween you can always throw a white long-sleeved top on and some like thicker and opaque white tights Dino eyes I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you in my next video love you pretty little lures.