DIY: T-shirt to Dress Reconstruction

hey guys okay so today I'm going to doing a t-shirt tutorial we're going to turn this playing t-shirt it's kind of just like this awkward leg it's not one out for you address but it's like too long annoying to like talk into your short stuff so we're going to turn this into a really really cute dress that has little cutouts on the side so I got this shirt from H&M I think about a year ago for maybe $7 not much more than that and you know what I don't really wear it because it is so awkward so we're going to DIY this little bad boy okay so you're just going to start by flipping the shirt inside out because we're going to be making a few marks on it so you don't want that to be on the outside so you're going to want to find the middle point between your belly button and somewhere between your boobs I'm really lucky because this shirt has stripes so I'm just going to pick a stripe and it's put a little marker here and then you're just going to go ahead and cut at wherever you made your mark you okay so now we're just working with the top half that you just cut and you're going to find the middle near the bottom and just put a little slit right here all right this is just a close-up of the hole that I cut so it's about an inch long and you just don't want to make sure that it's not too too close to the bottom there because we're going to be putting through the two loose pieces of tie the knot so we don't want this to be ripping and ruining your hole okay so next we're going to be working with the bottom piece and the very top of it right up here you're going to cut a slit down so this is going to create the two ties that we're going to put through the holes to tie a knot with I'm going to flip mine around so it's easier to cut but you're you are cutting the very top of it and if your shirt has a distinct back in front make sure this is on the front side of the shirt okay so my cuts probably about two inches maybe two and a half inches long okay and so the next step is just going to be to take your two ties so these two and then your whole and you're going to tie a knot through this so just feed one of them through and tie it up I'm going to try and get my knot at the back but you can always move it afterwards thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoy this t-shirt tutorial it's super super easy like maybe ten minutes I got this idea off of Pinterest I thought it was really really cute and want to share with you guys so I hope you enjoyed it and you can leave me some video responses or tweet me a picture of how your dress turned out because I'd love to see it done with like a shirt that has a pattern on it or even just like me like an acid-washed sure would look really cool and all my links ask pretty sure in the down bar below so you can connect with me on all that stuff tweet me a pic of your dress or Instagram pic of your dress and tag me um so I will see you guys next time