DIY: Ombre/Tie Dye Sundress

hey guys so today I'm going to be doing a DIY kind of like tie-dye slash ombre beach cover-up in little sundress and I actually got this idea from a follower on tumblr who sent me a link to a really cute kind of like white and blue kind of like acid wash a tie-dye looking dress from Urban Outfitters but I guess it was really expensive with shipping everything so she asked me to do a DIY on it so thank you so much for suggesting this DIY because even though my dress didn't really turn out anything like the dress on Urban Outfitters I kind of went a little bit crazy with the dye it was still a really good idea and I love the way that it turned out so I was looking for a method that didn't need the elastics that would be just a lot easier to do so I came across the scrunching method which I absolutely love it's definitely going to be a method that I'll probably use in the future next time I'm tie dyeing and although it doesn't give you that like sunburst effect that some people are looking for when they tie-dye so it's not that kind of gives you like a paint splatter slash tired I mixed result which I think looks really cool at the end and then I just decided to throw some on Brianna because there's a little bit too much paint spotter for one big dress so I decided to ombre it out and then I loved the way that turned out so I'll leave a link to the dress that the tumblr followers suggested that I do a DIY on and I am by no means trying to replicate this dress because it did not turn out anything like it and I kind of just based it off of more just like inspiration it wasn't what I was actually trying to go for as a result because although the dress is really cute I didn't really like the way that it was really small like little splotches of color so I may try and do another DIY incorporating tie-dye into another like babydoll white t-shirt dress alright so let's just get into the DIY so you're going to need a white shirt or dress and I just bought an oversized white shirt from H&M some spray bottles and a tie-dye kit which I just picked up from Michaels and the spray bottles were just from the dollar store so I was going to fill up the dye bottles that came with my tie-dye kit all the way up to the designated water line just using some lukewarm water from the top and then the instructions just said to shake up the dye until it's dissolve this in the bottle and because I'm going for a little bit more muted of a color than the bright bright blue that was in the bottle so I'm just going to dilute it a little bit more when I pour it this free ball just by adding a little bit more water this is totally up to you it's definitely a personal preference I'm going to finish off the other bottles and do the same thing and I would definitely suggest using the gloves that come with every tie dye kit because that's what my hands looked like before the gloves and I'm just going to use a piece of paper towel to adjust the spray of the spray bottle so it's more of a stream than unlike a spray and I should lay the shirt oh and start scrunching it up to make it look kind of like a little brain and make sure doing this either outside or on an old ragged towel you don't care it looks like this is my dedicated tie-dye towel so you're basically just pinching up the fabric into little bunches to get our little brain formation here and you are ready to start spraying your shirt so just going to go color by color and you're going to want to do a pretty thorough covering of the shirt with the first color and I could have started out with a stream setting on the spray bottle and then kind of moved on to the more spray setting and once you're done with the first color you can unscrew your shirt and Reese punch it back up so that we're not covering the same exact places with the next color and then we're going to repeat the same process giving a shirt or dress a thorough covering of your second color and you can just go ahead and repeat this whole process for as many colors as would like on your dress and now for the ombre portion of the dress you're going to want to set your spray bottle to the spray setting so that it's more of a looser coverage and cover the bottom four to six inches with the darkest color spray and then using the next darkest color I'm going to cover the next six inches of the dress making sure to overlap some of the blue with the purple to give it that ombre effect and then continue the same thing for your lightest color on top and as for washing instructions you're definitely going to want to do a solid really really thorough hand wash as soon as the dye has set so I let the dice it again for about three hours and it was out in the Sun and I did a very thorough hand wash until the water ran completely clear so I was definitely washing and wringing out the shirt for like a solid probably half an hour until the water started running clear because there was so much dye from doing the ombre so make sure your hand washing at least once even twice if you just want to be really careful and I would do your next wash once it finally goes in the washing machine with a set of towels dark-colored towels or even by itself because you definitely don't want to get all your color dye on your good clothes so for washing instructions to be really clear again hand washing until the water runs clear once or twice twice just to be super super sure using cold waters that's gonna help the color sits and then you can switch over to warm water if you like just the cold water just initially stops the reaction between the dye and the fabric and then you're gonna want to throw it in the washing machine once you start washing it for real for normal wear and you're either going to want to wash it by itself or with dark-colored towels and it doesn't matter what the temperature is for that wash so make sure to send me pictures at laurdiy on twitter you can also follow me there and you post this DIY on Instagram make sure using the hashtag laurdiy so I can check it out and feature it at the end of the next DIY video so thank you so much for watching and again thank you to the tumblr follower who suggested I do a DIY on this so I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you on Wednesday see ya you