DIY: Makeup/Jewelry Organizer

Hey guys okay. So today we are doing a DIY makeup organized that's gonna be really good for like the top of your desk or if you have all your makeup in a drawer and just kind of like rolling around. So it really helps to just organize it and give makeup its own place in a little storage container. I'm this DIY. it's really really easy to find for because really all I used was boxes and tape so this is going to be the final result and I'm gonna see if I can show you guys this without dumping all this makeup on my lap. But this is what it looks like and the basis is actually just a box from a I think it was a a 12 pack of pop or something and then these ones were little jewelry boxes that I got from a jewellery company and this is just a plain piece of cardboard. So the materials are really really easy to find for this DIY so if you are interested in making one of these little makeup organizer think it would be helpful for your makeup storage keep watching. sure need some boxes, some tape scissors, a ruler and some Kraft tape and I just picked my Kraft tape up at Michaels and it came in a whole bunch of different cute patterns so when you're looking for boxes just try and find some boxes that fit kind of perfectly within your bigger box. These ones were perfect because they were square and just were the perfect size so now we're just going to measure out the scrap piece of cardboard to make the little divider.

it's going to go in between our kind of open section so you're going to merge the length followed by the height to get the measurements for that divider piece so I'm just going to break down this box so it's easier to cut and I'm going to mark out where I'm going to make the cuts and I will have my little divider piece and you may have to make some trims afterwards just to make sure fits perfectly and snug so it's a little bit of trial and error and my little Julie boxes for a tiny bit too small so I found this perfect little piece of foam and cut the side just to slide it in to make sure it's a snug fit so I'm just going to measure up my first piece of craft tape that's going to go over the foam and attach the first part of the boxes together and to make applying the craft tape a little bit easier I use the scotch tape to just put these together to make sure they stay in place and now we can apply our prop tight making sure you make little cuts where the tape is going to run into the adjoining walls there. I'm going to slap it down and this we're going to measure two pieces to go on the remaining two inside walls and you just go ahead and take those down making sure the tape is evenly distributed on both side of that little wall there. Next you're going to measure cut and tape on some pieces that are going to attach the divider to the organizer. So make sure you're measuring your piece long enough that's going to be able to attach to the floor of the organizer as well to keep it nice and stable and cut out as many pieces as you'll need to cover that whole divider and make sure that it is attached and I found that even if the powder doesn't quite match up when you place the tape next to each other it still kind of looks like it does just because it's such a busy pattern.

So next I'm just gonna be joining the outside of the organizer to the set of four square boxes and just make sure your piece is long enough to cover a little bit on the bottom on the outside and then on the bottom on the inside as well and I'm just going to go ahead and continue touching all the way around the organizer to these square boxes so again I like to start on the outside so that I make sure the outside piece is covered and bring it on to the inside and I just went ahead and finished attaching that inside piece to the organizer and to cover up this little awkward spot we kinda have to make a special little piece here that has two diagonal cuts of the corners here so there's a little close-up and you can see that it's gonna fit perfectly when you apply it to that awkward spot on the end and then we have to get fancy on the other side as well because there is that exposed foam on the opposite side so again I just have the diagonal cuts coming from the corners and it just fits perfectly and covers everything and then next I'm going to start covering the floors of the organizers. So I just use a really long piece here and measure them and this one was actually a little bit short and I had to make up for it with a little bit of extra tape. So make sure that you are measuring.

I went ahead and finished covering that little section there and now it is time to cover the walls of the outside edge so I just measured and cut some more pieces of the craft tape to make sure that it is on the floor angles over the edge to cover up everything and it's important to make sure you have a little bit coming on to the floor of the organizer when you're doing the sides. So when you come to this part here it's easier to make sure that you have no showing spaces and then I'm just using really long pieces again to cover up the remaining side and the floor of this section and to make sure that our dividers using plates are going to make a piece of tape with the cut exactly like this. So you're going to apply the piece of tape right in the corner so it's overlapping on both the divider and the wall so make sure the piece is pressed tightly into the corner and the first piece of our little piece of tape here is going to go over the wall and then the second piece the remaining piece is going to go over the divider and you do this on the opposite side if you would like but I found those secure enough with just that one piece and then on the other side of divider you do the exact same thing folding over the first cut edge onto the wall and the second cut edge onto the divider and all we have left is to cover the floor of these square compartments and again I swear you'll be glad that you left a little bit of extra when you're gluing on the side pieces to overlap on the floor because when you put those floor pieces in it'll cover everything right up perfectly. I'll go ahead and finish covering up the floors of the square compartment and this is the final product once I'm finished and if you have any little random white spots that didn't get quite fully covered you can just go ahead and use your scrap pieces of tape to cover those up and now for the fun parts.

This organizer is perfect for storing a unit. It is like rolling around loose in your drawers or on your desks so I just found that is perfect for my mascaras, my nail polishes and my lip products and I just kind of threw anything in there just to show you how much you could hold but it's also perfect for like jewelry and stuff like that as well and I just wanted to mention that I think there's only one brand of that craft tape and I used exactly two rolls I had a tiny bit of extra but two rolls worked out perfectly.

so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I wanted to apologize for the lack of DIYs just because a lot of people have been asking to see other types of videos. So style videos and beauty videos and I have such a big checklist of videos I need to do so I'm sorry if you want to see more DIYs and I'm not as still I'm not delivering as many as you'd like but I'm trying to just keep a little bit of a mix so that everyone can be happy and I know I mentioned this in my last video but still a lot of people have kind of been harassing me to put some more DIYs out So here's a DIY for you guys. I also just want to apologize for forgetting to put the pictures of viewer DIY is that US SNP into the last video. I had quickly put that video together and then I exported it and forgot to put the pictures in and then I uploaded it and then I left for Mexico and then the internet was too slow for me to upload it again and I'm really sorry about that. So I'm going to put all of them at the end of this video and I will not forget. I promise. So anyway I put out videos every Sunday and I will see you guys in my next video.