6 Dirty Jokes You Missed In Teen Titans

Remember the days when Teen Titans didn't used to suck? I do. Younger kids these days might be all about Teen Titans go but now this Vaizey. The original Teen Titans had even more dirty jokes than its successor which is one of the reasons why it's one of my favorite animated DC series. I'm Whitney van Laningham and these are the dirtiest dirty jokes in Teen Titans.

Number six. When the puppet king sends the Teen Titans a box filled with puppets the gang thinks that it might be fan mail at first.
By the way regardless of whether you want to murder me or be friends with me please send me a Whitney puppet that would be so cool.
Anyways Robin and cyborgs seem pretty happy with their mini mes but let's just say that Beast Boy isn't a satisfied customer. Yeah they got all the details just right. Speak for yourself.To be fair he is the puppet king. Shouldn't you know how to make everyone's penis to size by now. Come on if you're gonna try to murder the guy at least give him that big energy.

Number five. After Red Xray appears Titans aren't so sure that Robin isn't behind the suit he created. Starfire tests him to see if he's a hologram while Beast Boy and Cyborg have something a little more invasive in mind. He could still be a robot. Check them for batteries. Wait I don't know about you but that sure looks like a butthole cavity search to me.

Number four. First of all Johnny Rancid from the comics is in this episode and hello I think I found my new metal head husband and second of all there's a dirty joke when Johnny Rancid unleashes his killer puppy on the Titans he thinks his puppers gonna be able to take down Beast Boy but not today. hey guys am i let us say xxxx if it's about a donkey, no but the Teen Titans did it..

Number three. In this episode Starfire is fighting Seymour when she starts in on some good old-fashioned trash talk even though she proves that her eyes are mega powerful by shooting laser beams at him. Seymour still manages to one-up her in the ocular Department. only with busy clothes Dude put your eyeballs away. That's very rude.

Number two. When Killer Moth threatens to use his moth army to destroy a major city bridge Robin has no choice but to agree to go to prom with his daughter Kitten but there's a problem. Starfire does not want her man going to prom with another lady.. She gets so heated and upset that this happens. I've got a question. Why does Starfire's titties bounce when she's mad. that is a really weird superpower but a cool one I guess. I'm never wearing a bra when I'm angry again.

Number one and this mean Beast Boy is looking a little too lovingly at his Hot Rods magazine. More like Hot Buds magazine, am i right. Isn't she amazing? You are aware this she who you have affection for is merely a land vehicle. Starfire why did they kill homies boner like that. These are the dirtiest dirty jokes that I could find in Teen Titans but I want to know which ones I missed in the comments like and subscribe and I'll be back next week to ruin your childhood