/Google Removed (ad-free) Mommy Saver Plus for “Deceptive Ads”

Google Removed (ad-free) Mommy Saver Plus for “Deceptive Ads”

I got an email from Google saying they removed Mommy Saver Plus (the paid version of Mommy Saver) for “deceptive ads”.  This is strange because Mommy Saver Plus has no ads.

Looking closer, it seems like they mistook another app for mine.  Mommy Saver Plus is mostly black and white with touches of color.  This app is very colorful (app names and email address covered so I don’t cause problems for another developer):

Mommy Saver Plus looks more like this:

Hopefully this will just get fixed and go away in the next couple days and I’ll have a good laugh about it later.

To Google’s credit, the email says I can “remove any ads that violate the Deceptive Ads policy” and re-submit the app.  They apparently also have an appeals process (I’ve already submitted the appeal 2019-03-25).

I’m not familiar with Google’s ad policies, but it’s a little strange that they would remove this app anyway.

I’m also a little worried because I’ve read on HN horror stories about Google doing things like this or worse.  I’m nervous about re-submitting until I see the result of the appeal.  Mommy Saver Plus doesn’t make much money, but I want to publish a new app in a few months and don’t want to have problems with that.  And I definitely don’t want problems with my Google account.

If anyone knows anything useful, I’d appreciate it.  Googling for “play store removed mistake” doesn’t yield much useful results.