/Database Internel Architecture: SQLite

Database Internel Architecture: SQLite


A database is an essential part of building a software system which used to store and read data efficiently. Here, We are going to discuss some architectural details of database implementation by using an early version of SQLite.
SQLite is a small database application which used in millions of software and devices. SQLite invented by D.Richard Hipp in August 2000. SQLite is a high performance, lightweight relational database. If you are willing to learn internal of a database in coding level, then SQLite is the best open source database available out there with highly readable source code with lots of documentation. Reading later versions of SQLite become a little harder since it contains lots of new features. In order to understand the basic implementation of database internals, You should have good knowledge about data structures, some knowledge about Theory of Computing and how an operating system works.
Here we are looking into the SQLite 2.5.0 version. Here below yo…