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Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

Teens React To Jaiden Animations

- The most relatable thing ever. - When you see YouTubers and they come out and they tell you about what's happened to them,it makes you feel like you're not alone. ♪ (rock intro) ♪- Things I do that adults probably don't do. I think I'm supposed to follow. . . - This is Jaiden Animations. - Oh, this is Jaiden Animations. - Hell yeah. Jaiden Animations is awesome. - I think I'm supposed to fall in the category of adult now,- Who is this?- I reacted to TheOdd1sOut I think, and it's kinda similar to this. - Some of the requirements to being an adult are don't be a jerk. Okay, check. I think I have that one down. Call people back. People don't call me, so. . . - True. - Same. - As much as I might have some of the traits of being an adult in society's eyes, there's still a lot of things I do that adults probably don't do. - I love the animation in this, too. It just adds the level of goofiness. - I love animation, so this is kinda cool to me. - Basically when I'm eating, I can't just be a normal person. That's the gist of it. What I do is after I sit down with a meal, I'll analyze it before I actually start eating. I'll look for a potato chip that's the best size, a vegetable that has the right amount of seasoning. - True. - I'll find where the best bite would be. - I do that. - And not eat it. - Oh yeah, I do that. - I start getting really stressed and anxious when a conversation with someone ends and no one has anything else to say. - Yep. - (laughs) Okay, that's a big mood. That happens way too often. We all can relate to that. - Staring at each other like, "So the conversation has ended. " - The most relatable thing ever. - Since I'm exceedingly bad at anything related to social competence, what typically happens is I start leaving in the middle of them still talking. So it ends up going something like, "It was the biggest,fattest squirrel I've ever seen. " - Wait, what?- "Yeah, it was crazy. " "Yeah, so I'll talk to you later. "- Oh no. I do that and then it ends up looking rude on my part. - I'm excited to be at the adult stage in life,- Oh, Pokemon. - . . . Socializing is easy. Whenever that wants to happen,that'd be great. - I feel like she's such a pure YouTuber. - I love her. I also love TheOdd1sOut. I also love Domics and I literally love animation YouTube. - You can tell she puts a ton of work into her animation. She seems like one of those people that loves what she does. - This video isn't just for your entertainment. It's gonna serve as me clearing my conscience and finally being free from these chains of guilt. One time, I was at recess in second grade playing by myself in the grass, - As you do. - Like a freakin' loser. A group of girls came up to me and said, "Hey, we're playing tag and chasing the boys. You should help us. "- This is so elementary school. - It was all normal tag at first, but somehow it started escalating into extreme tag. - Extreme tag. - So I throw a rock and hit this kid in the back of the head. - Oh my God. - Took some top notch skill and coordination considering we were both running and he was a good distance away from me. Not to brag or anything. - (laughs)- Not to brag or anything. - Oh, shoot. Impressive, but bad. - Ow, I'm telling. - Ooh, snitch. - Obviously the teacher was told what happened. - Yikes. - So I still got in trouble, but the guilt tripdoesn't end there. She also said I needed to write a letter to my parents. - No!- But something in my head told me, "You're not writing that letter. " And so I didn't. - Ooh. - And so my parents never found out until right now. - Hi, Mom. - Please don't ground me, Mom and Dad. - At least you're getting it off your chest now. - Oh my God, that was so me. I had to write letters to my mom whenever I got in trouble, too. - This video has been in the back of my head,- Yes, it's her face reveal. - Aw, I almost cried when I watched this for the first time. - The first few reasons I don't show myself are because. . . - So she's never shown her face?- I don't want people to have an opinion of my content and who I am based on what I look like. - That makes sense. - I'm very shy and prefer to keep to myself. I still wanna have privacy. - I totally agree with hernot showing herself, because of the social life vs. personal life. - It's not a secret I don't think very highly of myself. - Aw. - I joke about it a lot and I'm pretty open about it. When I was young, I actually had a lot of confidence. People gave me compliments and said nice things, but as I got older,I began having doubts. - That's true. When you grow up, you grow less confident. - I started eating less trying to be happier with myself. - This is a lot deeper than what was--all of the other videos. - It became all I could think about. Eventually, I decided I would go the entire day eating as close to nothing as possible. - This is a really sad video. - Then eating a bunch at the end to stop the pain,followed by erasing it. - Oh my God. - Went on for several months. - Wow, she's gone through a lot. - My brain didn't let me see how horrible it was getting. I don't know happened, but eventually I was able to break through and tell myself this wasn't what I wanted. I was attempting recovery. - That's good. - On my own, I'll remind you. I didn't tell anyone in my life what I was going through. - You can hear her voice and what she-- it's just pain. - Every day, I just wanted to feel happy again. - I feel really bad, 'cause I really see where she's coming from. - Not one day passed without me hating myself. I couldn't find a reason to get out of bed,but I kept going and even though I didn't have a reason for myself not to give up pushing through everything, I wanted to be there for people. - Aw. - Even if you feel like you don't have a reason to,use those feelings to help push people who need it. - It's such a good message. - If you can't help yourself, help others. - She just turned this super empowering. - You might be able to learn how to help yourself, too. - That is good advice. - I don't know what else to say other than just "Thanks. "- Oh, that's the first time I've ever seen her face. - (gasps) Is that her? She showed her face. - That's cute. She finally showed herself. I like that. - Who is this person? She needs a hug. I wanna hug her. - For a while, I didn't finish this video, 'cause I didn't want to ruin it. I just wanted to respect that shield that she wanted to keep up. - It meant a lot to me when she did that,'cause me personally, I had a period of time when I didn't eat a lot and it got to the point where I couldn't think. I wasn't doing well in school. When you see YouTubers and they come outand they tell you about what's happened to them,it means a lot, 'cause it's someone who you really look up to. It makes you feel like you're not alone and someone who you've watched for years can-- and you didn't even know is more like you than you thought. -. She's an amazing YouTuber. She is constantly great with comedy and even with the sad stuff, she hits every point and it's just amazing. Everything about Jaiden is awesome. - (FBE) So, those videos came from a YouTube channel called Jaiden Animations. - Okay, I've never heard of that. - I never heard of her before, but I will definitely Subscribe to her today. - It's very similar to the other person that I reacted to, which was TheOdd1sOut. - (FBE) In her videos, Jaiden shares real life stories and experiences through her animations and she went from 100,000 subscribers in 2015 to now over three million. - Yeah, I'm one of them. - Jesus. - She deserves it. Those were really good animation. - I think I was in that hundred thousand and then she just grew and grew and grew and that's awesome. - (FBE) So, what do you think about her personality after watching her content today? - I love her personality because you know what? She's honest. She'll give it to you straight and she tells stories as they are. - Animated channels sort of died out for a little while and then now that it's coming back, I really like it and I think her channel specifically is really well animated. - She's such a respectable YouTuber who has good morals and is really raw and open, while also being something interesting to watch. - She's willing to be really open and she's willing to embarrass herself a little and be pretty relatable. It's one of those things where you can watch a video and be like, "Yeah. Honestly, same. "- She just seems like the nicest person in the world and she loves what she does and she's super creative. Just the fact that she retains all of these stories and instead of just telling them in person in some sort of vlog. Instead, it's like "No, I'm gonna draw this and I'm gonna make it dorky and funny looking and just awesome. "- (FBE) As you saw in the face reveal video,Jaiden opens up about her various struggles and how she's working towards getting better every day. What are your thoughts about someone finding so much success while still dealing with these struggles and the way she chose to open up about it? - I'm glad she used still,what she's good at, which is her animation and her telling stories and just letting everybody know that she still struggles with this. That's so brave of her. - When there's people that do struggle like this,they're like, "Wow, I can relate to this person. "And I feel like with YouTubers, especially YouTubers,that's so important to connect with your fans. - Nobody really talks about it, so it's kind of nice when someone that you look up to and really just respect talks about their own downfalls and their own flaws in themselves because then it's like, okay, they're not perfect and I know I'm not perfect, so I can sort of accept myself through the stories of someone else. - If someone's out there and they're struggling,they might not have a person they can talk to. They might not be able to go into therapy,but to know that there's other people out there and they're making efforts to improve themselves and they're living a life that you wouldn't even know that they had unless they talked about it. That makes you feel like you can do it, too. - (FBE) So finally, Jaiden was recently on YouTubers React. - Oh, that's cool. - I saw that and I was really stoked. - How did I not know that?- (FBE) So, we know for a fact that she's gonna be watching this. - Yes, that's good. That's really good. - (FBE) If you had a message for Jaiden, what would it be?- You're amazing. You're beautiful. You're funny. I can tell you have a great personality. - Two thumbs up from me and I really think you're an amazing YouTuber. - You are single handedly one of the most bravest people on this platform. A lot of people shut themselves out from criticism, but you faced that. - Thank you for being a hilarious YouTuberthat's easily relatable to a vast variety of people. - I've never seen your content before today, but after watching just a few videos, I'm definitely gonna be checking out more,'cause I really like your style and you're personality and I think you're really cool. - Thank you for sharing your stories, but also,your just amazing creative skills, so please keep on making videos, 'cause I absolutely love them. - First of all, welcome to the family--the Fine Bros family. I'm a huge fan of you now. I'm going to Subscribe to you. I love your content. I love your videos. Thank you for sharing that because it's so brave of you. - Hi Jaiden. Your videos never fail to make me smile. For people like me,and for a multitude of other people, it really does mean a lot and thank you and I appreciate you immensely. - Thanks for watching another episode of Teens React. - If you wanna see more, Subscribe like Jasmine Jones. - Hit that Like button if you like this video just like Kelly Cook. - Thanks for watching, bye. - Hey guys, Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching this episode of Teens React and be sure to Subscribe to Jaiden Animations. You can click the link right over there or the link will be in the description. Bye, guys.

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Teens React To Jaiden Animations