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Published On: Thu, Aug 10th, 2017

This app quickly mutes 100 crowdsourced topics from your Twitter timeline

If youre sick of politics, sport and general world news then youre probably best off avoiding social media altogether.

But if you want to have your cakeand eat it,there is another option to prevent unwanted itemsfilling up your precious timeline on Twitter. Try Mute, a way to quickly mute 100 words from Twitter as chosen by the wisdom of people on the internet aka crowdsourced.

Twitter has long supported muting words, but Mute makes it easy to really get into the feature. Its Mute.life website lists 100 keywords that have been added and then voted on by visitors to form a ranked list. By installing a bookmark in your (Google Chrome) browser, Mute can be used to automatically add those top 100 words into your muted word list for Twitter.

To get started, visit Mute.life and follow the instructions on the left-side of the screen. You can mute individual words, but the process behind that is pretty cumbersome since it involves copy-paste and manual entry. A better approach may be uploading the full 100 and then removing those you words that you dont want to mute. Consider Mute the starting point.

I took Mute which was created by nomadic developer Pieter Levels for a spin and it worked as advised. Within a few minutes I had 100 muted words set up.

The only problem was the crowd the main selling point since many of the words I had muted werent topics that I wanted to banish from my timeline altogether.

Theres not going to be much left in my timeline if I mute all of these

That said, Im not really the target audience here.I cant remember muting any/many keywords over the years.But, if youre someone who is looking to make use of Twitters mute feature, then this service gives you a jump start at doing that.

Levels said on Product Hunt that he is working to bring Mute to Facebook thats certainly a feature that would appeal to more people, so well stay tuned on that.

Update: Facebook muting is now supported too full details on the website here.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/09/mute-twitter/

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This app quickly mutes 100 crowdsourced topics from your Twitter timeline