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Published On: Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

Online raffle rewards man with tropical island for only A$49

The Kosrae island resort was raffled to the luckiest ticket holder - Joshua.
Image: Getty Images/Perspectives

For the budget price of A$49 (US$36) an Australian man has won himself a tropical bloody island. More specifically a tropical resort on the Micronesian island of Kosrae, a place so perfectly remote and teensy that it barely registers on a world map.

Australian couple Doug and Sally Beitz decided to take an unconventional route when it came to selling off their island paradise. Instead of a super boring auction or property listing, the couple decided to raffle off their island home online, in the hopes that they could change someone's life.

You read correctly. They held a raffle, the fundraiser of choices at school carnivals, for an entire island resort. A big one. The winner was announced on the eve of July 26 and is a known only as Joshua, for now.

See the red pin, where there's nothing but ocean? That's the island of Kosrae

Image: Googlemaps/mashable

The raffle was announced in April via the resort website and YouTube channel, which encouraged people from all over the world to buy a ticket for a chance at a new, island bound life.

The island of Kosrae has a population of over 6,500 people is one of several small islands that make up the Federated States of Micronesia. The 16-room Kosrae Nautilus Resort has been owned and run by the Beitz couple for close to 20 years and comes with a four-bedroom residence for the owner, five hire cars, a pick-up truck and two ten-seater vans for adventures.

Originally the Beitz couple had set a minimum 55,000 raffle tickets in order for the competition to be valid, which would place their total revenue from the AU$49 tickets at roughly AU$2.6 million not too bad.

The self proclaimed "basic people" wanted to give the opportunity of island ownership to someone for whom such a dream would never be possible. Speaking with news.com.au, the couple stated "We think, with the raffle, we can hopefully leave the island in the hands of someone who's not a millionaire, but in the hands of someone who's just like us."

Joshua, wherever and whomever you are we humbly accept our place in paradise with you.

Lelu Harbour and Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia

Image: Getty Images/AWL Images RM

Sunset on Kosrae, Joshua's new playground

Image: Getty Images/Perspectives

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Online raffle rewards man with tropical island for only A$49