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Published On: Sun, Jun 11th, 2017

Aussie politicians to get prominent position in Google search results

Posts with Google launches in Australia.
Image: Fairfax Media via Getty Images

If you search for the Australian Liberal Party on Google Monday, the results may look a little different.

Google has launched its experimental Google Posts feature in Australia, a company spokesperson confirmed toMashable Australia. The platform, which feels something like a one-way social media platform, allows select people and organisations to add blog posts or video directly to the top of their search results, and the conservative party is one of the first to get started.

The product, which was firstoffered to presidential candidatesduring the current U.S. election, has now been made availableto a wide number of registered Australian politicians,Fairfax Mediareported.

Prime ministerialcandidatesMalcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten had not begun posting at time of writing, however.

Image: google

When using the feature, politicians get a blue tick next to their name to indicate they've been verified by Google. Their posts can then be shared via Twitter, Facebook and email, or if you're feeling lucky, Google+.

It's a chance forpoliticiansto pick and choose the first content curious Australians see when searching online. During theU.S.presidentialdebates, for example, Google claimed on its blog the feature would help even "the playing field."

Image: google

"By publishing long-form text, photos and videos throughout the debate, campaigns can now give extended responses, answer questions they didnt get a chance to on stage, and rebut their opponents," it wrote.

It was also switched on during the ICC World Twenty20 in March, when prominent cricketers were able to add their own commentary and video into search results for their name.

Anyone can sign up for the Google Posts waitlist, but for the moment, it looks like us mere mortals will continue having to suffer through whatever Google search delivers for our name.

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Aussie politicians to get prominent position in Google search results