10 Things Only TEENAGERS Will Understand

being a teenager will take up some of the best years of your life it will also be some of the most socially awkward and frustrating years of your life if this is your first time joining us don't forget to hit the subscribe button and give this video a big thumbs up today we are discussing 10 things that only teenagers will understand being stuck in the middle what's awesome about being a teenager is that you're starting to get more independent the older you get but it seems that you're stuck in the age of being too old and too young at the same time you're too old to go trick-or-treating but too young to go to adult Halloween parties you're literally stuck in the middle of all the fun stuff in life like driving and watching cartoons without being made fun of everything about college induces stress from studying for the SATs to applying for different schools thinking about college is a handful everything about the next step after high school graduation can induce serious stress not only will you probably not know what you want to do with rest of your life but you may also feel like a failure for not knowing the good news is you aren't alone in your dilemma tons of teenagers are stressed about this time in their life relax you don't have to have all the answers when you're a teen thinking about prom in the back of almost all teens Minds is the major social event of the year prom it's not only the girls who have to worry about it guys are getting worked up as well throughout the year you have to figure out whom you want to ask and how you will do it seeing that asking the date to prom is such a big deal on social media it's just added pressure to be creative girls have to worry if they will even get asked and if they do what will they wear and will they be nominated for prom queen it's all a big class over just one night dealing with parents being a teen is a tricky time going through puberty and having parents ask about everything just adds to the madness parents are stuck in a position of trying to parent and trying to be a friend at the same time there is nothing worse than your parents trying too hard to be cool especially if they know they are embarrassing you what's worse is when they ask about your love life like you can even know what's going on you're not even sure if your crush knows you exist Facebook is a necessary evil Facebook just seems like it's for old people the only reason you keep it is to stay up-to-date with friends you made over the summer or your family you never get to see when it comes to social media you'd rather spend your time on Instagram or snapchat what's even better is that your parents can't even figure out an app chat to follow you at least not for now social rejection is an actual nightmare it gets exhausting worrying about what your friends and people around you think about you you have to keep up with the trend and know what's cool because if you don't you may face social rejection being someone who is a social reject can end up being an actual nightmare if a friend in your circle is mad at you and tells other people to be mad at you flings it can feel like a punch in the gut the good news there is light at the end of the tunnel and it may take time but the rejection won't last a lifetime your dating life is an emotional roller coaster from getting your crush to notice you to over analyzing every text your dating life is an emotional roller coaster if your crush glances at you and smiles it can light up your whole world but if they don't even know you exist it can be completely crushing it's scary enough worrying about an accidental double tap on a 47 week old Instagram post but how do you let them know how awesome they are in real life MTV is overrated okay so you know that MT V stands for music television and it was cool in the 80s but not anymore they don't even show music videos why are they still calling themselves MTV it's almost too obvious that they're making shows that adults think will appeal to teens but it's not working so maybe you binge watch catfish that doesn't mean the rest of the channel has anything worthwhile we don't need to be lectured when you do something wrong you know what you're doing what's worse than the punishment is having to sit through a lecture after lecture Simba Simba I'm very disappointed you deliberately disobeyed me parents need to know that you don't need to be lectured about the same thing again you understood the first time even if you didn't get it the first time your parents will have another chance at punishing you it's just awful when parents want to keep dragging through something you did wrong over and over again Netflix is life I'll only watch one episode then I'll study how many times have you said that just to find yourself finishing season 1 of a new show on Netflix now you only have two hours to study and get sleep before your alarm goes off to wake up for school when it comes to cable TV you don't even know or care what's on you'll see it when it's streaming online the best part of Netflix and watching shows online no commercials score what are some more things that only teenagers will understand react in the comments section below and don't forget to like this video and subscribe to the taco