Cab Drivers In Japan Are Having A Big Problem With Ghostly Passengers

Imagine that you're a taxi driver in Ishinomaki, Japan. You pick up a young passenger and ask for her destination. She tells you that she's headed to the Minamiyama District, which is strange because no one ever goes to the Minamiyama District — not since the tsunami, anyway. You tell her this and she asks, "Have I died?" When you turn around, More...

by admin | Published 18 hours ago
By admin On Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Mummified body of German man found in yacht adrift off Philippines

Mystery surrounds death of Manfred Fritz Bajorat, whose corpse was found slumped at desk like he was sleeping in cabin of vessel floating in the Pacific The mummified body of a German sailor has been found by fishermen More...

By admin On Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Social media might actually be reducing teen pregnancy

Like Socrates and Marilyn Manson before it, social media has regularly been accused of corrupting our youth: Constantly sitting on smartphones, tablets, and laptops is said to kill childrens imaginations, prevent More...

By admin On Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

17 Beautiful And Unsettling Ghost Towns That Will Leave You Fascinated

Without humans, nature would take over everything that civilization has built. When organic growth and animals rule what was created by people, it makes for a fascinating juxtaposition. That's why ghost towns are More...

By admin On Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

18 Awesome Reasons New Zealand Was Named The Best Country In The World

Recently, The Telegraph Travel Awards named New Zealand the best country in the world. More than 75,000 readers voted and for the fourth year in a row, the southwestern Pacific Ocean country reigned supreme! But More...

By admin On Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

If You’re Planning A Trip, These Are The World’s Happiest Countries

Do you ever feel like you’re in a total slump? It happens to me every few months. Nothing is particularly wrong, but I end up feeling down and uninspired. When I start feeling like that, I take it as a sign More...

By admin On Monday, June 19th, 2017

7 Horrifying Pest Infestations You Had No Clue Were Possible

The occasional big-cat rebellion aside, humans have the run of the animal kingdom. We own this world, and those damn beasts are lucky we leave them even a sliver of Amazonian jungle to creep around in. But sometimes, More...

By admin On Sunday, June 18th, 2017

M5 crash: Two die on motorway in Gloucestershire – BBC News

Image copyright @Tri_Force Image caption The M5 southbound was shut between J8 and J9 for several hours The carriageway was shut for 11 hours between the two junctions. Image caption Motorway traffic More...

By admin On Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Thousands of motorists face delays due to sinkhole on A1 in Gateshead – BBC News

The hole is being filled with a specialist concrete mixture before the road is resurfaced. 'Vital artery' It was discovered when a slight dip in the road surface became apparent. Rob Beckitt, duty operations More...

By admin On Friday, June 16th, 2017

6 Insane Behind The Scenes Reasons For Famous Movie Deaths

There sure have been a lot of emotional movie deaths over the years, like Bambi's mom being shot by a hunter, Titanic's frozen Jack-sicle, and Lando Calrissian getting killed in The Force Awakens after cushioning More...

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